Dawn of Liberation event, SKIN speculation

Somehow I’ve taken note of the Dawn of Liberation event, and made good ISK trading the SKINs at Jita. Not much by many standards, but it has been the most profitable week in my EVE career.

  • So Dawn of Liberation SKINs were introduced as loot/prizes during the event.

  • Will these SKINs be seeded after the event?

  • What will happen to these SKIN prices after the event?

  • Is there discussion and price speculation on other SKIN lines?

  • Is there a complete history of each SKIN line?

Event SKINs only drop from events, but some have been renamed and reused for new events in the past. Without a crystal ball knowing what these exact SKINs will do is impossible. I suggest you go and look at the price history of SKINs from previous events (Cold Iron, Ironblood, Purity of the Throne, and Spirit are ones I can think of off of the top of my head).

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Hell naw.

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Thanks good to know.

Now the event has ended it’s time to see how the price moves.

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