GG event drop question

(Samuel Champlain) #1

Are the potential skin drops divided between regions? Or can any skin drop at any event site?

(Beast of Revelations) #2

I’ve been getting different faction skins within the same space.

(Samuel Champlain) #3

Thank you for replying. And yes same here about different faction skins, but what I am trying to find out is whether its worth it for me to go to another empire’s space for the diversity of the loot in event sites. I know serpentis drop the dripfeed boosters, but I got enough boosters to last me till end of event already. More interested in skins.

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(Tenchi Sal) #4

I’ve been doing the event in different regions, haven’t really noticed a difference. I’ve had dupes drop in different regions as well.

(JuuR Zibaoo) #5

if it is the same like in the last events you have the same chance for all skins everywhere
if CCP didnt forget to add one skin but in that case you dont get it doesnt matter where you are

so feel free to go everywhre you want but you get all stuff everywhere … as far as i know


(Samuel Champlain) #6

Thanks for sharing your experiences. I’ll continue to farm where I am. If anyone wants to trade skins, check my ingame bio for my collection :slight_smile:

(system) #7

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