Dead freez after alt+tab

Hello, i have a problem with dead freezes. Only PC reboot (task manager or alt+f4 dont work at all).

I played with 4K, GTX 980, Windows 10, latest drivers, fullscreen window.

Never meet this issue before.
Appears when i alt+tab after 20-30 min of playing the game.

There is a known Windows 10 issue with alt tabbing and dead freezes. According to some players disabling Windows 10 Game mode and DVR resolves the issue. I’ve not confirmed it because I’ve been unable to reproduce this issue on my computer. But it should not hurt to try. Also make sure you have the latest driver installed for your graphic adapter.

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Wow, I have been searching for this fix for a few months now. I play another game (heavy on the processing) in window mode. I alt tab a lot while playing it. I have gotten the dead freeze every time when I open a YouTube video while the game is running. It happens sometimes when I am watching the video and other times, when I am in the game with the music video playing in another window.

Thank you very much for posting this

Since disabling the game mode and dvr settings I have not gotten one dead freeze

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