Deadspace invasion counter?

So let’s say you’re doing a security mission that involves blowing up a bunch of ships, collecting some item that drops, and returning the item to the agent. At any point, another player (or even group of players) can use combat probes to locate you, kill you/chase you away, kill the ships, and take the mission item. The exact mechanics vary between high-sec, low-sec, and null-sec, but the question is the same.

What is the counterplay to this? Running isn’t good enough because they’ll still take the mission item, and if they joined you in deadspace your chances of beating them are slim.

If you cant defeat them then run and come back after DT - mission should reset. Or take take the standings loss and cancel the mission.

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typically when the mission item drops the mission gets flagged complete and won’t respawn without GM intervention.

The best option imo is to be fast, fast mission completions make it way less likely that someone has time to probe you down. Obviously if you are in low/null you are probably the only target they have so they can dedicate everything to finding you so you should watch local and d-scan and get out as soon as you see combat probes.

Your main options after getting invaded are

  1. eat the standings loss, failing one mission every so often shouldn’t really be a problem.
  2. buy the item off of contracts or the market
  3. run a lower level version of the mission and use that item.

None of those options are very appealing for storyline missions :frowning:

You can usually find the mission objectives for sale in contracts - the people who steal it have no other use for it and are happy to sell it back to you!

These people generally haunt popular mission hubs. Move to a backwater system far away from trade hubs and you’re unlikely to be bothered.

You’re correct that attacking them is not a good idea - that’s what they’re hoping for! If you’re PVP fit and baiting them, things could get interesting.

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This ^^
Go to remote Metropolis, Everyshore, Tash-Mukron or other not-so-populated areas and have fun. I only once met a guy who tried to complete the same DED-Site, and never met a ganker.
Once I had an escalation in Lowsec, that must have been FW space, because I had 20 chars and many gf in local. That was kinda thrilling :wink:

Hmm, don’t remember any storyline requiring to bring back an item … anyway, here are my hints: do the mission off peak times (quiet system) if possible and be fast, faster than the invader. Use a T1 ship with cheap T2 fit, to not become a gank magnet. This is for highsec, for lower sec your ship is the only target not the item, regardless of what you fly.

I can’t speak from experience on the receiver side because I never got invaded into any mission I ran, but invaded a couple on my own and stole the item (if I knew the mission) for the lols. Other’s I tried to bait into shooting at me by killing their MTUs.

The invasion I experienced the other day would tend to disagree.

At any rate, judging by the comments, it appears there isn’t a way to actually counter it, only reduce the odds of someone happening to do it. Using a stronger ship isn’t a counter either, since anyone can come in with an even stronger ship.

Is that assessment correct?

Highsec or lowsec? Outside of highsec no sane mind cares about mission items. There is nothing to gain, as players can shoot freely at each other. Deadspace loot is a different story … I used to kill the runner and then complete the DED site for the extra loot.

Also to answer your other question, in highsec your options are indeed limited because you can’t force something.

Shipyard Theft in lowsec. An ironic name, I know, since the mission item ended up getting stolen before I ever even saw it.

You see me … WTF … somebody probed your mission in lowsec, stole a worthless item, and you survived? WHY?

Not quite. They probed me in lowsec, I underestimated their ship when they warped in, they barely kill me, then an hour later get mail asking for 30 million for the mission item…

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