Dear CCP could you sell Eve to EA pls?

as topis says. Please sell this game to EA - this game will be better under EA.
i want to buy DLC - private gateway where are no pandemic goons and other people.

Changed some language. -ISD Dorrim Barstorlode


The game you are looking for is anything but Eve online.

Please contract your stuff in my general direction.


So in a game that requires an active market to work, you want to limit the universe to just you and some friends? Good luck there! Good luck getting past destroyers and cruisers. It will take you guys forever to reach even Battle Cruisers. Then to generate enough moon goo for T2 modules…

Just seems like a limiting idea.


Aw, I was too late . :’(

I support your EA idea!

PS: Can I have your ISK and items?

I’d show you to the door but ccp removed it


EA a billion dollar gaming company that cant make a game anyone would like to play.


0/10 before i even clicked in.

crap title, waaaay too obvious.
pushbutton topic in the op without putting any effort into making a case for it.

and worst of all
no humor present.


EA is a killer of development studios.


You can make a EA style spaceship game yourself all you need to do is make space then a ship (Offer this content for free) then for that ship to move you need to download the movement DLC($5) followed by the Turning DLC($5) and Targeting DLC($5).

If you want to fire your guns you will need to buy a loot crate ($1) with a 0.0001% change to drop the fire gun’s mod but luckily there is only a 0.001% change of getting the join multiplayer mod so you might only need to spend $100 000 to unlock it unless your luck is amazing.

But don’t worry you will get ton’s and ton’s of skins for your ship while rolling those crate’s :].


So you are saying they are a perfect match with CCP?

Excuse me …

Everyone who is falling for this deserves to be called an idiot.

Every single one of you except Ralph.

Just so you know.

The Game.

You lost.


Door is DLC and requires a server to solo.

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CCP already sold EVE to EA, we are in the silent transitioning process. Quite obvious really.

This was just poorly done all around.


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And CCP is a killer of games. They’d fit right in at EA.


That might be something to do with the ex EA employee that they took on a few years back, he may have brought the EA mindset with him.

He very likely did, as evidenced by CCPs change in development direction, but that’s just in regards to EVE. They ■■■■■■ up all their side projects pre-Sean Decker just the same.

I’m betting on Hellmar with his “you have no balls, crank up those prices”.

OP, you get a :heart: for being so wonderfully cute.

Some guy on 4chan ended the game years ago with a get.

Go back to WoW.