Hmmmm, Interesting, maybe

Ok, Falcon made some comments.
And 1 poster already displayed surprise this wasnt on the official forums, so ill just leave this link here.

Honestly, tinfoil hats and stuff aside, I am one that has boycotted EA games for a long time now.
Really though CCP, want to save your player base some grief…(any official EA acquisition of EvE would most likely find me biomassing faster than i can uninstall the game, and im sure there others that feel this way too)

Maybe its time to do a Corp purge, save yourself from spies and being awoxed, drop the EA guys.

If its an offer for the Core Starter Packs that were available and kinda still are in different flavors now its not a big issue. Those were resold by a LOT of different sources. So yeah I wouldnt get all hung up about the EA connection there.

Falcon posted 20 hours ago to clarify it.

Why stir up a non-issue here?

More like CCP Shill, open your eyes people, EA bought CCP back in 2014 and they’ve just been covering it up to keep us in check. I can’t prove it yet but I’m pretty sure Hilmar is part of the illuminati and actually a shape shifting lizard person. Look at all the signs, microtransactions, f2p, skill injectors, EA bought Eve and set out to monetize it with a more efficient modern business model and probably also turn us all into CIA mind controlled robots.


Leave the idiot threads on reddit please?

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Fake news

Dude you need to edit the thread title to something like

OMG! EA IS BUYING EVE/CCP!? ?? ! Falcon DmgCntrl, but 2 late 2 save EVE??



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I wouldn’t doubt it though… ccp did hire of all people their top-shelf head guy… its only a matter of time it comes out public anyway…

you will laugh and you will deny here… that’s what eve online people do often sit in denial…

real talk… be worried when they begin marketing this game to 14 yr olds… I mean that… be very very worried.

New eve for mobile phones will probably be marketed for everyone. Childrens included. It have cartoony graphics. Partnership with Raven will probably result in it being completely nonreminiscent of the EVE as it appears to the established EVE crowd.

Now the Project Nova will be delivered by another company, partnering with CCP and developing it. CCP wil publish it tho. So only the EVE Online will be game developed further solely by CCP now.

Could you guys stop spreading rumors please? This has already been answered by CCP Falcon on reddit.

Hey guys,
This is an offer that’s been available since early 2015 for our Core Starter Pack on Origin.
If you look at the release date on the offer, you’ll see that the date is January 29th, 2015.
I know it’s been a crazy week, but there’s nothing to worry about, and no need to tinfoil.