Dear CCP please reduce the security rating of dead end lowsec pockets

I think it will make them more worthwhile for visiting/basing from or even having a reason to exist.

so you wanna turn them into nullsec?

no, just a reduction. so highsec > 0.4 > 0.3 > 0.2 > etc. instead of just high sec > 0.4 and just connects only to 0.4’s… in a low sec pocket

To what end? Still not very clear what you want CCP to do?

encourage more low sec isk making and low-sec living

I mean in a greater variety of areas. There are a lot of lowsec pockets in Eve atm that are just dead and have little to no reason for existing

ok so you are asking for 0.3 to become 0.2 if it has no activity.

something like that, didn’t even think of it being dynamic, that’s an interesting concept. somewhat of an evolution of the bounty risk modifier system.

I live in low in the ass end of nowhere and none of those systems is really empty.

Don’t believe me, fly out away from gates, planets stations, asteroids…

and go AFK a while.

Be sure to insure your ship :rofl:

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