Dear CCP - You are not treating CSM candidates equally

Unfortunately, there are two things that CCP is doing that is giving some candidates an advantage over others:

As part of the application process, all candidates provided a short and long text to be used on the candidate website. They were limited to a certain number of characters. I am assuming everyone adhered to this.

  1. On the actual website, CCP is giving some candidates way more space than the allotted character limit (see PJHustle for example). This is a major advantage because most players will only see this website at most.

  2. When CCP put together the presentation introducing all characters, they picked a text at random (for me just the first paragraph of my forum post), not the paragraph we wrote that actually had a character limit and would be fantastic for that presentation since we, the candidates, put it together as a concise summary. To make matters worse, CCP didn’t just present the characters equally and impartially, but clearly favoured some.

I put a lot of effort in my application and campaign. I don’t appreciate the process being handled like this. If you ask us to follow some rules, then respect our efforts and make this a fair process. As is stands, I feel like I am being extremely professional about this and CCP is not.

Thank you for listening. Please correct this.


@CCP_Dopamine can you comment on this?

i have to disagree they pick a part of the line that they did in the presentation and they pick the part they thought was most relevant

if you disagree with the part they picked does not mean they did it intentialy

They asked us to put a short paragraph together in the application. They could have just picked that. That would have been fair to those of us who took the time to write a concise, informative application.

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:red_circle: That page is garbage anyway. It doesn’t list the political affiliations of the candidates. It is, of course, only natural that a CFC member occupies so much space on that page.

And I also think they list the people based on the Alphabet, that’s not fair for those people whose name starts with I,j,k… (you know what do I mean). People would focus on the 1st one and (maybe) the last one, they should list those people more ramdomly.

You can literally sit there on the page, hit refresh, and see that’s not true.

They already do.

Have you even SEEN the page yet?

Lol, you are so naive. Nothing is even remotely fair in an internet beauty contest.

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Thanks for your valuable contribution.

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Always a pleasure.

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If you click on “read post” the rest of it shows up. You had a full paragraph on that landing page. Some of us had a sentence. It’s fine. The campaign isn’t going to turn on that page.

The fact that we’re all getting a ten minute segment on CCP TV is a first, and that’s much more important than this page.


That sounds like fun!
Hope they keep that next year!

You need to fonz out, if CCP was doing something foul or insidious with regards to CSM elections you wouldn’t be the only person crowing about it. As others in the thread have pointed out the site is trash and most people don’t use it anyway, also they picked the most relevant bits from the landing to be included in the promo cards.

I am not calling it foul and insidious, I am calling it an oversight that should be corrected. And I did so in a calm and factual manner.

You guys are acting like I am the one that did something wrong here, when in fact everything I said was true and my request is small an reasonable.

But nevermind, obviously my expectations towards this process are much too high.

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We must all do our part to improve and maintain the integrity of CSM, and that includes keeping CCP accountable in being consistent in their approach to spotlighting candidates. Thank you for bringing this to our attention (don’t be disheartened by the lolwhatevaz) - I hope Dopamine replies soon.

Politics is always tricky. If you are at the top of a mountain and from there you can see the whole valley … who would you let go up to help you control and visualize what is behind you and at your sides? It is the same as democracy, you think you choose a president … but the reality is that you choose a puppet !!! I would not spend time on these things !!! :money_mouth_face:

Wow. Humans will cry about literally anything. Amazing. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

you did say it in a calm and polite matter,
i just wodner why you made this threat and not kept it privat

there was no need for this thread as you sure are aware off

Yeah I see your point. I will write to Dopamine directly and close the thread.

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I personally think it was appropriate to write a thread. CCP is more likely to take action promptly, and take action at all in the first place, if called out publicly. This isn’t exactly a controversial matter as you are unambiguously correct in your assessment (the naysayers only have said “it’s not a big deal”, but these are not valid counterpoints) and it’s out in the open for all to see.