Dear CCP

I agree with that in spirit since I know you can buy a bot that will travel systems, scan out 4/10 sites, and even run and salvage them for you, but

Not letting them keep most of the income would result in many of them opting out of high-sec PvE and mining instead (or learning how to run Abyssal sites or whatever). You want to leave enough incentive in the system for them to keep feeding it.

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i guess. although abyssal should go into this too. wherever launched the abyssal if system has ess it goes there too regardless of the instanced pve.

fair for all

Ok that does seem pretty cool yeah :slight_smile:

I think in your eagerness you missed another brilliant solution: PvE players in high sec should first pay a certain amount of ISK (depending on ship size and mission/combat site level) in order to be able to fight an NPC at all. So in addition to 100% of the bounties going to ESS, there would also be a solid tax on being able to play in high sec.

Just think. All those Golems doing L4 one after another. That’s so unfair. So maybe the Golem mission runner should pay 100-200 million ISK to ESS first, and then after doing the mission, better let such a player guard the ESS zone until the payout.

I am waiting for an even better counter-proposal from your side.

But HS mission runners won’t fleet up for this.
If they wanted to risk more then they’d run more lucrative missions out of HS.

They would simply just NOT do the missions.
Some would move to other areas, and some would just quit outright.

If you kill all the sheep, then the wolves die too.

If your intent to to break EvE… then keep doing this.
Again, the ESS has its place. Keep it there.

–Gadget responds

The only thing that ever “broke” EVE was letting people enter/play the game under the belief that it was a game with selective PvP where they could run PvE content “in peace” without ever having to be disturbed by anyone or having to compete with anyone. CCP didn’t market EVE in the past like it does today, but at the same time hasn’t fundamentally changed the nature of the game to be in line with contemporary marketing.

Hell yeah

ESS for high/null, not for low to push people into all securities bwhahha.

What you mean, L4’s require endurance to survive all that boringness behind 2-3 jump gates.

You comparing honest mission runner to AFK crabbers? HOW DARE YOU?

Edit: why this forum trolling my replies? why CCP? WHY? Incorrect quoting but…

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