Dear developer when will U fix the high angel turret dreadnoughts' damage issue?

As the title mentioned, the siege module had a penalty problem with all low slots weapon upgrades. since the update a few months ago, the max damage of the HAT dread had been nerfed to 90% fit with 3x weapon damage upgrade, and more if you fit with more than 3 damage upgrades. I found the math is perfectly matched if you stack the new 200% siege damage buff with the weapon upgrades penalty.

Is this change intentional or a bug you missed? please verify it for me, I am so confused about the Nerf.

the damage differences show below

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The changes (halve the dps) to HAW weapons were to address ratting in titans. It is intentional that Dreads in siege mode were unaffected.

The difference of Ingame simulation tool with Pyfa can mean a host of things: implants, different modules or rigs or you have enabled/disabled “factor in reload time” in pyfa…

It might be the difference in skills trained - ingame tool takes your current character’s skills and has no concept of “all 5”. For example:
This is what Pyfa shows me with all relevant modules and “all 5” profile

Note the 2727 dps.
Your simulation tool shows 2677 so I assumed that your character has specialization at 4:
2677/1.08*1.1=2726.57 (rounded up in pyfa to 2727).


I mean the dps before last updates, I haven’t updated the Pyfa since the April update, and 2900+ dps is what it was before nomatter my specialization is 4 or 5 , it is apparently affected by the ratting Titians’ nerf.

check if there are any projected effects (magnetar) or whether you have any implants in that fit in Pyfa.

I am sure it is not the issue, no implants and no pills no other enhancer

welcome any replies and hope more people can recognize this issue, so CCP could give us an explanation :face_with_thermometer:

ccp automated response - its working as intended :stuck_out_tongue:

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that is hurt, I trained my Naglfar to lv 5 :face_with_thermometer: BTW Phoenix’s rapid torpedo haven’t been affected by the updates, that is strange too

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