HAW dread bug

After the singularity mirror, there were changes in the subcaptal guns that I believe are related to spring balancing, looking at spring balancing information I found this link with this information https://www.eveonline.com/article/pobbb9/spring-balance -update-incoming
in the post it is written that the damage multiplier of the HAW will be nerfed for titans, but they remained unchanged to dread using siege module, but when viewing the siege module information in singularity the bonus for HAW damage is increased by only 2%, not 100% as mentioned in the spring balance post.
Another problem, skills and modules that increase the tracking speed of the gun are not working in HAW, in that first print I was simulating the fitting that I am testing for ratting in c6, look at the tracking of 2.30
now in this second print I put in the low slot and mid slot modules that gives the bonus of tracking speed, however there was no increase in tracking that remained 2.30
finnaly, should siege module II show 2x high angle turret damage bonus instead of 2%? and about the problem of tracking speed can be some bug?prints above

thats no the only bug iv seen found one that seems to be breakin for fitting

the top shows the stats of a quad 800mm on a naked nag on tq
bottom shows the same weapon on a naked nag on sisi

looks like after eliminatin everythin else the weapon upgrade and advanced weapon upgrade skills stopped applyin to haw weapons
i looked on a moros to be sure same issue

Taking a peek at this, we’ll get it sorted.


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