Dear RolePlayers, what's going on in our fictional, player driven continuum?

Ah, so you are allowed to toss out wild falsehoods, and then pretend that challenging you on them is me starting a fight… Gotcha.

I can do anything I want.

And really, given what youve been doing in Information Portal, I am aghast that you are actually having a hard-on for such a ridiculous argument, especially as I have already conceded and apologised to the person who actually is here to give the information required,

Aghast, I tells ye


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I… am starting to get the feeling you are drunk and think I’m someone else.
Since I’ve posted in that part of the forums a grand total of 4 times in the last week and once the week before.

And each time they were great, of a much higher quality than this debacle.

I follow when you reply there quite closely, your Scathing is excellent, and Remaining Focused is very consistant.

So you admit you’re ignoring me???

just kidding... ^_^


Are you having a bad day?

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No Im grand, Nevvy just wants something and Im not sure what.

Ive already apologised to the person Ive insulted vOv

Ok, this was just bait to get me to reply and make the above no longer true :p.
Mainly it didn’t seem you needed any answers from me as Else was both someone you tagged initially and had already answered stuff.


And I hadnt read the thread properly before replying or having coffee, which I also say “mia culpa” to :slight_smile:

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It’s all good! I actually have no idea what’s going on in here, or why!
You did nothing wrong! :smiley:

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Duuude! what triggerd this?, was it all the spiders?.
Or all the O2 you have been sniffing on a daily basis? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: , and it’s quite funny that you belived I would have the answers you are looking for.

Me that really don’t care much about in game politics, the in game persona is more Clan is Kin, Kin are All. Then comes tribe and lastly the republic, alliance and corp are somewhere between tribe and republic. :slight_smile:



You’re a good woman.
May you breed lots many children for our people!

Looking back at it, it was majorly an excuse for CCP to make many unpopular changes. Since they did what they wanted, now they can abandon them. But maybe there are more changes in the works… so people will be again thrown into the grinding wheels of the game.

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This one in the latest world news.


Some tidbits from the World News always hint at future changes in the game.
Sometimes the World News even reflects real life changes, like the selling to PA.

And there’s this one …


… which reminds me of people talking about War Clones and I have no idea what’s that supposed to be.

Short answer: cloned soldiers, as in Dust.

But why would people still go on about this?

DUST is gone … ?

Because even when DUST is gone, the story of it actually happened in-universe, and some people enjoy continuing that story.

Ah … that makes sense.


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The IGS is a funny place to read, but I have issues with it.
Not the forums, no … but … the role playing aspects of it.

As I’m aware that most of the assholes in the IGS aren’t actual assholes …
… it’s kind of problematic doing what should be done to them.

Like, in the past …
… when someone was annoying, or running his mouth too much …
… he’d just get his butt kicked one way or another, until he learns.

Not roleplayers.
I’m talking about regular players.

Idiots who play a strong, mighty space hero …
… who don’t realize that in EVE, you have to put your money where your mouth is.

That was okay, because the targets really really deserved it. I’m always very picky when it comes to that.

I respect when there’s people in a growing phase of their lives and testosterone takes the best of them …
… but there are people who really just need a lesson.

How would I justify hunting someone down and making his day miserable in a role playing environment?

I’d just feel bad about ruining the actual players’ day (not the characters’) when he doesn’t actually deserve it … ?

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Usually these things are best solved by talking to the other player out-of-character. Vast majority of players who play combative characters don’t mind combat. RP motivated PvP is one of the best (the best?) things in EVE. Then you can attack them IC and not feel like an asshole OOC.

(It’s really how EVE should be in general, if you ask me. Pewpew and kick the other guy’s sandcastles in space, then have pints at fanfest and share war stories.)

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