Death cloning in citadels?

Will the winter update that removes outposts/conquerables add deathcloning functionality to cits or is that functionality just disappearing from null w/the patch?

No it won’t be added, because it already exists, i can set my medical clone to be inside a citadel from inside that citadel on live already, just docked in a random citadel and when you click the cloning facility it will let you set “This station” as the point for your medical clone

Does this apply to WH Citadels too? can you JC/death clone between k-space and w-space?

No idea about WH’s, google seems to indicate that you cannot set your medical clone to a station in W-space and that you cannot jumpclone to or from there either, only that you can swap between multiple clones inside the same station the same as in K-space

that’s a shame.

Outposts and conquerable station changes are happening next year i thought…

You can go space -> kspace as always.

Cannot go kspace -> jspace, or jspace -> jspace

So still not possible to death clone into a wormhole.

Bumping because I wasn’t clear and can’t find the answer via search:

I’m interested in the ability to deathclone from a structure (a cit, EC, or refinery) into some other structure or station. One can already self-destruct a pod from within stations (empire, conquerable or outpost) but this functionality has never existed in citadels afaik.

What a station’s Clone Bay window looks like:

What a structure’s Clone Bay window looks like:

It’s not a particularly big deal to wait the two minutes to SD a pod or to get expressed by somebody but it’s nice to not have to bother. When outposts and conquerable stations become citadels, this ability will disappear from sov null, hence the question in my OP.

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