Decade Long Unsolved EVE Connection Issues

It is amazing to me that the developers here have never fixed the connection issues of the game. When I first started playing this game, I was on dialup a decade ago. I would lose connection for just 10 seconds, every 8 hours and 1 second. The game could not reconnect, the client would freeze and lock for TWO MINUTES even if you clicked quit game which is now labeled “log off”.

A few years ago, my internet was a 2.4GHz microwave dish pointed at a water tower 5 miles away which had some stability issues as well. I would lose connection every few hours or so for less than 10 seconds. Then the client would pretend everything is fine for 30-60 seconds like before, and even if I knew I lost connection, the client would be locked up, unable to exit on its own. NOPE, had to task manager and end the task just like before.

Today, I am on my cell phone’s internet via PDANet, my connection’s driver has some minor hiccups in it, and loses connection on occasion for less than 0.5 seconds. Not even half a second, maybe 1-5 packets lost. I’m reconnected in the blink of an eye. Does EVE care? Nope. Its locked in an infinite frozen state for 2 minutes till the servers send the reject signal or I end the game in task manager.

What the hell is wrong with you, devs? Why can’t you fix this game’s connection problems? Its literally the fact that your game can’t re-send the lost packets. It can’t validate a packet was sent and retry if it failed. Its as if you operate the game under the least optimal method possible that boots people who aren’t on the worlds most perfect stable connection. Well I’m sorry to tell you, bad connections exist in areas where there is absolutely no other choice of any kind. I live in a monopolized area where high speed services aren’t allowed because AT&T bought up the whole area and refuses to provide service to anyone. Illegally probably but hey who cares because money talks even to law enforcement.

Yes, this is a rantish posting about the fact that EVE still uses this horrible system that can’t recover from a brief connection loss. I don’t know, perhaps you designed it that way to force people to lose ships. I mean, someone drops connection in the middle of combat for 1 second, who cares, lets freeze up their game for 2 ■■■■■■■ minutes so they log back in dead. Its a win for you anyway isn’t it CCP?

I’ve played Ark Survival on my connection the way it is, never lost connection once. It recovers from connection or adapter resets. Maybe you should take a lesson from the new age and improve the connection of the game rather than destroying starbases and replacing them with these crappy new stations, or raising taxes, or destabilizing nullsec for a few days with a few little drifters.

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