To many issues to often

Its getting worse and worse. In a game like eve where you can actually loose stuff it’s important these things are stable and reliable.

  • Chat server connecting/disconnecting connecting.
  • Login issues. Currently can’t play on another account then this one.
  • People are getting diconnects in Abyssal space, loosing everything.
  • Some people mention black screen and game freezes.
  • A sudden lag thats only fixed after a relog. (super annoying when you are doing exploration)
  • Days long DDoS attacks.

Could you also release a scheme/plan when you plan to fix this or at least give a message that you are working hard on resolving these issues permanently. The game has been around for almost 2 decades.


You must be new to online games.


There’s a lot of misconception to what’s going on. Those who are sh*t-sure they know all about these computer games automatically blame the game servers. Yeah, it’s a place to consider, but each of you players out there passes a signal along a line of from 10 to 18 servers before it gets to EVE “cloud” (ummm…right…)

However, I do agree that wanting to be the uber-game that makes you lose for real, any hiccup on the server side is patently unfair, and puts management in the position of having to try to provide compensation. Problem with that is, how does one “prove” what one has lost?

Everyone’s more than proud to crow about the monetary value of the game’s assets, including time involved, and painfully slow on that fiduciary responsibility end of life.

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