[December] Changes to fuel block manufacturing inputs

Trying to guess the likely impact of the various changes on Fuel Block related PI. If they’re doubling the required Ozone to keep it from decreasing in price and the PI isn’t being changed, that suggests the PI prices are likely to decrease. Or are there other factors?

The PI materials are used by a lot more manufacturables than fuel blocks so its probably less effected than ice products directly by fuel block usage. But yes there’ll be downward pressure on PI prices. However if it falls too much players just stop producing it.

PI would have to fall a lot before people stopped making, its one of the few highly scalable/mostly passive sources of income. I doubt the Ice changes would ahve any affect on their prices but now that Citadels/Complex ect are all released there will most likely be a reduced demand once the initial hype/construction is finished.

I agree with the statement that ‘easier math’ is both worthless AND wrong because pretty much anybody seriously doing a lot of production will have a blueprint up to ME10 (especially since those blueprints don’t take too long to research) which totally messes the ‘nice numbers’ on the blueprint… AND, even if the numbers were adjusted so the ME10 value is nice and round to 160 or 170 or whatever, then the Eng.Complex material cost reduction will then de-nice the final numbers again.

I can appreciate and accept if devs say “we want fuel blocks to cost a little more” but the reason of “to make nice pretty numbers” simply is not a realistic thing.

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this also means fuel blocks for stations will become more expensive because apparently

theres less stations in space than the pos’s was before…right…as if the small time owners didn’t have enough problems fueling their stations. also citadels already cost more than pos’s as is from what ive heard.

It seems no one brought it up yet, so I will:

Increasing L.O. and Isotope Consumption has simply to do with @CCP_Fozzie is a friend of Alliances who do Rorqual-Mining all day and everyone knows that Industrial Cores eat the Heavy Water and thus he want’s to make sure the other parts stay valuable in order for HW prices not to break through the ceiling, because that would be sad for said Rorqual-heavy Alliances.

Job well done. Thanks for being there for all of EVE CCP. You are really not giving anyone the impression of doing a job for one or two Alliances and this whole thing is totally motivating for the player base. Keep on doing things just like you do them now.

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