[December] UPDATED: Jump Fuel and Jump Fatigue Cap changes

Hush you, it was funnier the other way

All of these adorable comments about Delve, and not a single thought spared to trying to do it for themselves.

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It’s people pointing out that all these changes do is punish those who aren’t part of a mega-coalition. If that’s the case let’s just remove jump fatigue and go back to two groups owning all of null as that is effectively what “local production” will achieve. At leas then we might get a massive titan brawl occasionally.

That is cause the masses are entitled @#$%s who think that they should be able to do and have what everyone else has, even though they did nothing to earn it.

That said, Goons still has its arms open wide to the masses. We can teach you too how to make mass ISK and do so in the comforting arms of protection in Delve.

Please do give me an example of other MMOs with all their new content. Because I have played tons of games and what you are saying is theoretical and not practical. And you are completely disregarding the fact that the new content is NEVER balanced.

Lets use Diablo 3 (not an MMO I know) as an example. Blizzard are big right? And they know their MMOs right? How many years since release? Do we have PVP mode there yet?

Then unsub. Because the less entitled people in the game the better. The change will affect your capitals in no significant matter yet you are complaining. If you can afford a cap then you can most certainly afford the increased fuel cost.

And you can actually bring a JF to fuel your cap moves, you do know this right?

Hey again folks. Thanks for the feedback so far.

After some discussions internally and with the CSM we agree with one of the major points many of you are bringing forward: that the removal of the extra jumps before refueling feels too painful after a few weeks of time with the post-Lifeblood status quo.

We are adding another set of tweaks to this package to bring back most of the fuel bay size benefits while preserving our key goals:

  • Further reduction in isotope volume by 40% (to 0.03m3)
  • +20% increase in jump freighter fuel bay volumes

The end result combined with the isotope volume reduction last month is that most jump-capable ships will be able to jump 66% farther a fuel bay as they could pre-Lifeblood, Jump Freighters will be able to jump 100% farther on a fuel bay as they could pre-Lifeblood (the same distance as current post-Lifeblood TQ) and Black Ops will be able to jump ~114% father than pre-Lifeblood (~7% father than current TQ)

These additional changes will be hitting Sisi soon so that you can give them a try there and let us know what you think.


I mean, if you want a massive titan brawl, go start one? Why is the peanut gallery so invested in PVP action that they have no stake in? How does that matter at all to you plebians?

Also, you can have local production without being part of a mega-coalition. I understand that this will require you to log in, however, so I can see where the disconnect lies.

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Thank you. The isotope m3 reduction in Lifeblood was a major QOL improvement. I’m happy to see it remain.

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Hehe if you are exporting ice then the help you need is nothing I can provide:)

This is great. Thank you CCP


This is considerably better. Thank you.

However this is only half the issue. You still are doubling the cost to move.

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Thing is, the phenomena of Delve isn’t the result of just one or two sweeping mechanics changes. The net effect of so many little changes like this one that raise the bar a little each time or just inconvenience content creation add up to create this environment. What’s concerning about these changes is it’s just another step towards further stagnation of the game, another tiny tweak that ironically, drains the lifeblood from the game.

It appears disingenuous at best to claim to enforce these changes to fix Ice prices when the net effect of almost all the changes done in the past year have effectively handed total control of the mineral market to one region.

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I have no words really. Fozzie is out of touch with reality. Someone doesn’t understand what kind of impact doubling the price of fuel would bring to global economy, clearly shouldn’t be in charge of global economy.

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Since our ice belts are mined out most of the time, you plan on making more? Maybe ice from moons?

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Show us on the doll where the Rorqual touched you.


You do realize there are more regions out there than Delve, yes? Perhaps reducing the number of blues you have may help you find more mans to shoot.


Honestly, Delve isn´t the result of CCP. It´s the result of players. People talk like Delve was Delve before GSF moved in this last time. The amount of work being put into making Delve Delve is massive. You want your own Delve? Put in the time.

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WoW has more new content in a major patch then EVE has had in two years.

No I’m not completely disregarding that because I was complaining about the time it is taking to even touch the major issues with sov warfare. A multi-year iteration cycle is far too long.

Expecting major system flaws to be ADDRESSED let alone fixed in under a year is not entitlement. Also apart from my large number of alts I’m also one of the handful of people who spends a significant amount of time helping newbies understand and get into this game. So when people like me start leaving it is going to cost CCP a lot of money.

I can afford the fuel. But why the hell should I be happy paying more to maintain my current playstyle just so reaction barons can get richer? Especially when I know what it costs an alliance to move caps any significant distance.

I bought a JF so I could help with my alliances capital and other logistics. It is a boring and low reward job that cost me over 25 billion to get into. Why is CCP punishing me for it by making my ship worse just so reaction barons can have reduced tope use?

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Thank you. Now its just the importers on suicide watch, not all the JF pilots.

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