Decent and Minimum Amount of Diversification?

Hello fellow MD capsuleers! What is a general Decent and Minimum Amount of Diversification?

Was kind of quoting the funny saying of “Cut off a limb, and two more shall take its place!”

Such as, I think investing all of your isk into 2 or 5 items max could be super risky, or lower your profits for a long duration if all of them are being manipulated by another.

I was thinking a decent # of items to diversify into would be 150 or 300 or 1000?

I currently have the maximum amount of Orders on one character of 305, and I try to diversify into 250 to 305 items.

Look forward to replies and thoughts on this!

60-80 items atm.

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Stock brokers, in real life, tend to focus on a finite number of stocks, which they understand and follow inside and out. I would do something similar in eve. 150 items seems like far too many to manage. Maybe focus on 10-20 items and dominate them.


This is good advice, the most I have ever traded with at one time was approx 40 unique items. and it got very confusing fast for a casual player like me.
20-30 is my average unique items.

I wouldn’t go straight up to the top, I’d start just above what you have now and slowly ramp in new items weekly/monhtly as you get a hang of that many items (if you aren’t familiar with managing that many already).

I would suggest chosing one or two specific types of items to focus on. for example “ammunition” or “damage mods” this helps to limit the overwhelming number of things you could track, but also gives you a variety of different things to trade in with different profit margins and moving volumes.

for example, lets say you are focusing on “defensive mods” you know right away that things like DCII AIFII and EANMII are going to have slim margins, and lots of competition, but very high trading volume, since almost every ship is going to have at least one or two of those. you also have dead-space modules, like the A-B-C and X types. that are going to move slower but have better margins.

What i do is simple just buy what ever i see a margin of 8precent or more. I have at the moment about 125 diffrent items in the market.

I dont put alot of efford into the item just cheking if there is a reasnoble flow and a margin…

It tanks aometimes but then i Will let it be and more often then not the price will return up and let me sell the item. But having the amount i have i rarely go long without a buy and sell.

Ps sorry if there is some danish words in there… mobile and autocorrect is a bit effi

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