Defander for CSM 14

Hello there boys & girls,

I’ll take this oportunity to officially apply for a spot on CSM 14.

Started my eve “career” back in 2004 ( 2006 on this character ) doing missions in gal space and mining on and off.

Have then moved to NS for some years, different regions, been a “F1 monkey” then graduated to the role of “F1 FC” ( yeah we all know that joke ).

Spent about 1 year in wh when they got released and did some LS “operations” over the years.

Have experienced most facets of the game, beeing gameplay related ( carebear - LS/NS/WH pve and pvp ) and have dealth with drama, “stabs in the back”, you name it.

I won’t promiss anything and don’t have a plan apart from giving WH space some love.

Too many people are promissing “the sky” and fall short on everything.

I will simply do my best. Or at least try.

Let’s make sure eve will survive for another 16 years.

Your trully,

Delivery Agent
Wingspan Delivery Services.


+1, you have my vote.

Defander will be the best CSM, next to Chance Ravinne.

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I almost spit out my dinner at that one.

We meet again Defander. 100,001 isk this time?

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Doris, how many times.

Just add a few more “0” and send to wallet:)