Degradation selling system coordinate

Its verry usefull that u made new system that u can share with others pilots ur coordinate in the space
But in the game im cleaning pirats and when come expedition 8/10 9/10 10/10 its imposible to sale it with 100% sure transaction as before u cloud sale it by contract but now u need trust to person who u selling this cordinate and its not make possible to normal trade in the game i feel like im in Linage 2 that need to scream like crazy in chat who want to buy my coordinate with expidition pls can u fix this bug cus its verry uncomfortable ty
When this bug gonna be fixed

You always had to trust them. In the old system, someone would make a bookmark outside their station and sell it as a 10/10. It’s not like there was a method to confirm the legitimacy of a bookmark before you bought it.

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