Degressive injectors effect

I propose that instead of injecting SP based on your total SP, injectors effect is reduced based on the number of injectors you used before.

The reduction is based on the total amount of large injectors you used. eg if you injected 2 Large injectors and 2 small, it actually counts for 2.4 injections.

Each injection reduces the effect by a multiplicative X% oss. eg if the loss is 1%, and you used 2.4 injection, then you r next injection will be (1-1/100)^(2.4) = 97.62% as effective.

I made a graph to compare the average SP/injectors for different situations, from 0 to 300 injectors

  • present gain for a fresh new 400k SP
  • present gain for a post-alpha 5M SP
  • present gain for a 3yo 50M SP
  • present gain for a bittervet 100M SP (the goal is to exceed the last injectors step)
  • modified with loss = 1% per injection
  • modified with loss = 2% per injection

here is the graph :

This methdo could achieve two goals :

  • reduce interest of injecting toons from the beginning
  • make it worthwhile for high-SP toon to inject, just as much as low-SP toons.

Of course this may not be possible right now. In particular, we need to keep in memory all the injections of a toon (which may be already known by CCP ?). Also, what about the people who already injected rorqual or titan ?

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There should just be restrictions on where you can apply injected SP.

No capital ships or capital ship skills would be a fantastic start.

I would go so far as to not allow T2/T3 ship skills and T2 weapon and drone skills.

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This may become an issue for people who get reimbursed SP due to bug when losing T3C.

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That could be solved by returning the skill to its prior level rather than issuing SP to the pool.

In the end, a lot of modifications and potential bugs.
KISS principle…

This methdo could achieve two goals :

reduce interest of injecting toons from the beginning
make it worthwhile for high-SP toon to inject, just as much as low-SP toons.

Interesting, but these goals are opposite of what CCP tried to achieve with injectors, imo.

Although i support progressive degradation of injectors based on number of injectors used AND characters SP.

I’d also introduce a reduced penalty (but not zero) after character uses an extractor. Penalty reduction works only for 1 injector per extractor used in last 24h.

I believe (prove me wrong ?) that CCP wanted the new players to have access to content faster.
I also believe that creating new alts with access to rorquals/titans/etc on day 1 was not something intended, on the opposite, and that is the reason why SP injected decreases with the toon SP.

My goal is to make it harder for a new alt to access rorqual, while allowing players to use the injectors for the same values whichever is their advancement in the SP. I believe that making items less interesting for the sole reason you have more SP does not make sense in a game “driven by players activities”. By that, I mean that if I make my first toon, and train it without injectors, by the time I am able to afford injectors their SP worth will be much lower.

Balancing aside, CCP will try and make the most profitable decision.
Argue that point and you have a better chance of seeing your idea implemented.

Your idea is also socially acceptable imho. It doesn’t prey on addictive personalities as much because the penalties are tied to excess useage…

Don’t know, anything possible right now would still be possible. Just with more injectors if it’s a lot of SP.

I agree with all of this, including no injecting on cap ships skills and t3 ships & subsystem skills. Let it fade out. t2 weapons and t2 drones…idk

But like Wanda mentioned earlier, to find a way for ccp to earn money by changing the injector mechanics. I would lean towards skill accelerators for high sp players or somewhere along those lines to help even it out some. I really don’t like the whole idea of injectors at all tbh, but its too late now…

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More context : I was thinking of how injection is bad for older players, and how it allows and encourages new toons to make a massive skill injection, devaluating the notion of SP to the sole notion of ISK.

At first I was thinking of adding a hard limit on the injectors (an effect that lasts 12 hours and prevent you from injecting) . But then I thought it’s bad in Eve, as things should be MORE EXPENSIVE, not impossible, when aiming for higher values.

Then I was thinking of adding a malus of 5% to the injection, as an effect acquired from eating one injector, for 24h. But then there was the issue of biology and other implants effect, plus the stacking issue, and I just thought it would reduce the rate of acquisition, but not the total value.

Thus I came to the conclusion that a good mechanism should be oblivious to the present SP of the player, however it should be degressive with its use. And to keep it simple, I think it would be better to use a simple internal counter of the number of injections realized already.

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  1. Start EVE
  2. Buy PLEX
  3. Buy ISK
  4. Go to

The way to get a high end pilot is not using skill injectors.

for a change…

Currently it is one way. I can think of 3 more ways, you already said one.

actually it’s n/5-1 since an large injector would be the same as 5 small injectors.

lol, sure I suppose it is a way, the most expensive and foolish way.

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