favourite is teiricide
least favourite is anything that isnt tiericide or related to adding new ships
tiericide was basically adding new ships because they were changed so drastically
so i like drastic changes to current ships and new ships added
every single other change to the game has been terrible


The only notable change for me is PI (now called “PP”) redesign. Other than that i cannot name one change which was made (and affected me in any way).

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Well… “Redesign” might be too big word for that. PI is still monstrocity.
CCP made some small improvements like auto-selecting of already chosen products in 2nd, 3rd,… facilities and checking that all facilities have routes.
List of planets started to show stored and manufactured products, etc…

Customs office window still sporadically closes :laughing:

For me “least favourite” is stupid claim button. I dont like it at all!

The favourite is always redesign of ship.


There was a tiny typo in your post, I corrected that for you, you are welcome.

And on a more serious note, if (not when) you manage to log on, pray that you only get diconnected when you are docked and not when 34075234805629569278562896578956 capitals drop on you, when your frigate enters lowsec or nullsec.

But it’s not so bad as people say, we got tracking titans back now and they are cheaper now, so everyone should have one or 400 just to be sure you don’t misplace one.

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I’ll take this opportunity to go though the list at to see what has been done lately, and I’ll highlight notable changes:


(Jan) Fitting window - actually useful even if I usually turn to a 3rd party tool.
(May) PLEX unification - Not a big one, but nice to get rid of Aurum.
(Oct) Life Blood Expansion - New AI, active moon mining with Refineries, Resource Wars, FOBS - lots of good things actually, even if a few need more work.


(Feb) Upwell 2.0 - Made shooting undefended structures more tolerable and added moon mining to wormholes and highsec. A+
(Mar) New Chat Backend - probably a good thing overall for the future, but it was not without it’s hiccups. Took weeks to stabilize.
(May) - Into the Abyss expansion - Abyssal space while interesting, isn’t especially compelling or fits well with Eve game design. As a test bed for the future it could be good, but otherwise it is a feature which looses any interest except to solo farmers after an hour or two which is disappointing as a centrepiece of an expansion.

Hmm. So on reflection not much has really changed. Most notable I guess is moon mining. Also, not mentioned as it was quite gradual, is how more developed and regular the events have become. This is maybe one of the more interesting changes and one that gets people playing. If I was going to hand out an MVP award to the developers for recent work on game play, it would go to @CCP_Dragon and his team for all their work on the events. The runner-up would be the teams working on the new AI, and the NPCs they power.

Overall though, development has apparently ground to a near halt. There are plenty of new ships and skins and some nice graphical updates, and clearly work is being done on the back-end to help get ready for the 64-bit client and beyond. But in terms of game play, since the beginning of 2017 we have got one new structure, some various new and smarter NPC encounters, and just recently a new… space? PvE? I don’t know exactly what to call it, but whatever it is has promise but so far is pretty limited in scope and interest.

Let’s hope the changes in leadership and ownership will lead to a refocusing of vision which we might get a peek of at Eve Vegas.


My favorites:
New PvE content, all of it
New ships

My least favorite:
Crappy implimentation of a lot of the new PvE content
Bad implimentation of some of the new ships
Dissapointing balance changes ignoring 2 biggest issues in this game: Cap vs sub cap imbalance for PvP and Lack of good options to drone / missile meta for PvE.

I really like the new Bustard.

Unloading without docking is horrible, but of course everyone likes the ez mode.

Instanced PvE, aka Abyssal is the beginning of the end, when we have Fleet Abyssal PvE, EVE will be a waiting room.

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