How does it do this. If I have a 15 orca fleet I can easily afford 1 interceptor scout, and need no other support vessels.

So you’re asking ccp to change the way an entire system works because you can’t imagine someone moving a couple of systems over?

Yeah, nah. Bad idea.

Why does it need changing? Just because it is predictable? That’s a very dumb reason.

You’re trying to hide behind some argument about how this impacts bots but rely on a “well, maybe they’ll just be too lazy to move” idea instead of actually making a compelling argument.

What is the point of this?
Why not just report those botters if you think they are actual bots instead of crying to CCP to change a mechanic just because your feelings say they must be bots.

Getting a fleet somewhere takes no longer than getting 1 ship there.
I’m still not seeing how this is going to slow down multiboxers any more than it will slow down everyone else.
Everyone has to deal with locating the ice if it’s random.

Because it makes the whole process less mindless and automatic. You have to search a region for the next spawn, scout a route to it, move multiple ships, and set up the gate bubbles that delay an incoming threat long enough to escape (outside of highsec at least). Yeah, it makes little or no difference if the multiboxer is an active player, but it does make it a lot harder if the multiboxer is botting or remoting in to their home PC from work.


Reason #43509854230987524097852093487 to nerf Orca mining.

So the guys with 15 scouts are going to take longer than the guys who have one scout to find the ice… And it takes no longer to move a fleet. Fleet warp to gate, hit jump on each account while in warp.

If anything this actually gives multiboxers more advantage.

Lucas is addressing high sec. In Null you already have eyes in each system so just use the Intel network to manage it all.

You’re assuming that the multiboxer has 15 scouts. Multiboxing highsec mining is easy, you just hit “warp to” on the site and then activate your mining lasers. Multiboxing 15 interceptor scouts is a lot harder to coordinate and nowhere near as efficient as 15 interceptor scouts flown by 15 individual pilots giving their full attention to each scout.

And, again, this is especially true when you’re talking about someone multiboxing their highsec farming operation by remoting in to their home PC (or simply botting). That’s easy to do when all you have to do is take a few seconds to warp to a site and activate modules and then the rest is done 99% AFK. It’s going to be much harder for that person to remote in and manage a proper scouting operation, likely to the point that they can no longer remotely manage a farming operation once the site spawns in a different system.

You think someone who is multiboxing a dozen mining ships will all of a sudden stop because they have to click like 30 extra times to make a few system jumps?

You must be dumb AND naive.

he’s a retard. Don’t expect him to make any effort for a discussion.

But there aren’t thousands of solo players trying to mine ice
And those that are will get less ice because of the moving because it’s harder for them to pick up and move.

Of course they do. They have 15 omega accounts. Even if they are corvettes not interceptors they have 15. Ok they might not use them all, but even 5 is dramatically faster than 1.

uhm, you dont need scouts anymore…

Not in HS at least, if the Ice belt anom is up it will show on the Agency now these days.

You know, I’ve never once seen a suggestion made by a player in the Eve forums get into the game. Yet people keep doing it :thinking:

The old ice fields were much better and far more social. They never needed this nerf that has done nothing but handy cap people without an any of alts

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