Democratic Deficit in the Minmatar Republic

That’s… not how you’re suppposed to take X-Instinct. No, seriously, X-Instinct wasn’t designed to be insuflated. It can do VERY BAD things to your bronchial passages.

Uh, I’d see a doctor. Like, now.


Buggering off? She went right back in as Tribal Chief and got involved in politics again.


I meant the Elders, dumdum. Of whom I at least have heard nothing in many years now.


Regarding the Elders, all I had heard of them was from second-hand accounts from people who claimed to have encountered the Elders. Key-word here being ‘claimed’.

We are apparently expected to take them at their word.


How about a third option:

She did it after finally, following yearsdecades of parliament being ineffective and gridlocked by the corrupt minions of both external and internal forces acting against the ideal of good, responsive government in the Republic, getting fed up with the infighting, backstabbing, and plotting—especially since a large chunk of it was aimed at her—and basically said ‘screw you hippies, you get Shakor now’.

I know it’s a shocking idea, but long exposure to intransigent bastards who nod and smile and say ‘patience’ while never having the first intention of actually making the political process at all productive can, you know, leave people fed up and ready to just pour some kerosene all over the place and watch the bastards burn.

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Wait, there are SEVEN tribes?

Someone needs to invent a mnemonic, because I can never name more than four or five.


Hmm, I can definitely name only two. And I think I know third, but I doubt I can pronounce that name or write it correctly. In fact, I am definitely sure I can correctly write name of only one and not sure if I write correctly name of the second.

And you call us ignorant…


Very well said.


She was the hippie, Arrendis. She was the hippie. She was the only one under the illusion that the Republic was safe, stable, and effective in its parliamentary form. She was clueless of the Karsoth agents imbedded within the Parliament up to the very day everything fell apart, and it showed, big time. Idealism is good, but too much progress too fast can be extremely naive and counterproductive. Her idealism led to the necessity of Shakor and the Elders to ‘clean up the mess’, and now democracy is farther back in the Republic than it has ever been. She failed, by every metric, because she pushed too hard, too fast.

She was a good person. I respect her. But a good person won’t last long in an environment like that.


I reckon they’re still building and maintaining… whatever it was that allowed them to support a fleet of that size at that time.


I have to hand it to @Diana_Kim. Of all the posts on the forum, she manages to rile up the most comments for hers.

Kudos, Diana. Kudos. slow clap


She’s so good at it she can get people’s panties in a bunch just by being in the general vicinity!


Ms. Ruil, I will deeply appreciate if you won’t discuss my person with obvious trolls.

Alright Miss Kim, I understand. I’ll try to avoid speaking about you to your detractors from now on.

I guess that would be 80% of IGS but I’ll probably be able to manage.


Ms. Riuil, did I said it not clear enough?
You can speak about me with detractors and people who disagree with me, I was asking to cease discussion of my person with obvious trolls. And in the discussions that wasn’t about my person initially - but it is the obvious place where trolls do that.

It is really simple to recognize a troll, as their posts follow this simple behavior:

  1. They start talking about me, when the discussion wasn’t about me.
  2. They attack my person when they can’t attack my ideas or comments.
  3. They claim unverifiable or straightforward lie about me, trying to represent it as believable.

And finally, while it is not characteristic, it is still quite common in their behavior:
3a) When I refute their baseless claim about me (often by a mere fact that they were simply baseless), they oh so love to claim that it was me who was trying to turn the conversation to discussion of my person, while it was directly opposite.

So, once again, if you see a troll trying to start a discussion about me in a place not suitable for that, and you feel an urge to reply to them, please, for the sake of the Maker and all the Winds,

discuss their persons instead.

Oh, let me contemplate on the importance of names of some tribals living in the other part of the cluster, and encounters with whom usually end with them slandering our uniform…

My instructor was telling me: “Stop trying to learn everything. You won’t be able to get the most important knowledge anyway, and the majority of available knowledge doesn’t even worth the media it is written upon.”

Now, lets contemplate together on the meaning of the ignorance. I don’t really discuss minmatar bloodlines, do I? The only place where I find it useful to read about them is that CONCORD publication with statistical comparison of different mental characteristics among bloodlines, and… that’s all. My main issues against Tribals is not their bloodlines, but they are bullying the Empire and attack them only because they have slavery. That’s mine #1 issue with them, and I won’t go describing others in here, because, trust me, or no, they aren’t related to bloodlines anyway. And when I will need to speak my mind about something, I’ll either read published information about it (like the CONCORD paper I’ve referenced), or simply ASK instead of making a stupid assumption like so many people in here love to do. I value my reputation and try to commit as little factual errors as possible.

But nobody knows everything. And theoretically can’t know everything. And you can’t just blame people in ignorance because they don’t know something they don’t need. You just make yourself looking dumb.

For example, if you don’t know my rank, if you can’t read my insignia, that doesn’t make you ignorant, because you don’t really need that to know. You aren’t Caldari, you aren’t in the State chain of command. If you tell me that you don’t know my rank, I will never call you an ignorant.

But if you will claim that I am not a Caldari officer, or that I don’t have State issued rank, in that case I WILL call you an ignorant and shove your nose into my insignia.

Feel the difference already?

Again you employ the troll gambit. I suspect that you are feeling a bit defensive given the direction that this and other threads you’ve started have gone. The fact is that I bear a grudging admiration for your ability to keep a discussion going. If stating this admiration, grudging though it may be, is trolling then you might be working off a different definition than I am. In fact, if my activities count as trolling in your eyes it may be that you need thicker skin.


Not all Ad Hominem is fallacious. Sometimes it’s just an insult, and well deserved. Particularly when they do attack one’s comments and ideas, then call one an idiot for having them.

Latching onto ad hominem is done so often and most frequently, I’ve observed, by those loosing to actual arguments by their opponents. Accusations of ad hominem are often used as a complaint to the audience about the “big meanies” to gain audience sympathy and win through emotional appeal. Wouldn’t you agree that you’re above that Ms. Kim?


You’re just mad because you lost that duel.