Demonstration area in SISI

This is an idea that could in theory be a largely fan based effort It would cost CCP minimal effort.

I propose creating an area of space in SISI where there’s a display museum of vessels from alternate genres. I am think all major space vessels of Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien, Battlestar Galactica, andsoforth. The objects would be immobile structures in space, at appropriate scale, and not moving.

This would quickly becomes a major attraction. People not ordinarily playing eve would flock to come fly their newbie corvette around all familiar sights of SF. Hence this display would be bigly worth its effort in terms of eve recruitment. The load in terms of graphics would be negigible, since it’s in a demonstration area in a non-serious gameplay server. It would attract massive attention, as we would now be able to compare scales and look of familiar objects in various IP’s. The objects could be positioned in discrete scale blocks, much like this -

It could be a quickly expanding museum as well.

I think this is permissible in terms of IP - it’s only for demonstration purposes. If not permission can easily be requested.

Singularity exists primarily as a quality assurance server where the developers can test new features before they go live on Tranquility. A secondary use is to allow players to test fits, features, etc… at no risk or cost. It is not intended to be a part of the game.

Assuming the art department had nothing more useful to do and the feature could be developed without infringing the intellectual property rights of others, it would be located on Tranquility and mirrored to Singularity.

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