Deployable Mining Booster

Obviously it’d be less powerful than any boosts from a Rorq or even a Porpoise but it’d be really good for low level miners to have something like an MTU that instead gives a mild boost.

join a corp


Dude… More kill mails.

He is right, though. This would just isolate more people, which is not what anyone but isolationists want, and that in an (actual) MMO depending on people interacting with each other.

you just said that to a guy who has gone on record repeatedly saying Kill mails are the worst thing to happen to eve…


But you like them.

Am I not allowed to change my mind and side with you?

and for the record, I only said MTU kill mails where bad.

ummm what. i think you may need to re-read what i said

We have now the Porpoise for “low level” miners to use the boost mechanic. Having an unmanned deployable would add no new game play other than make it mandatory to use for any miner.


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there is no need for this.
Join a corp.
Join a fleet that has boosts.



You must lie awake at night and wonder what the ‘Fleet’ in ‘Fleet Assistance’ means…

Even before we had the porpoise, we were telling scrubs like you to use a battle cruiser.

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