Destroyed fighters and Killmails / Lossmails

Ok so as an example;
Carrier launches 3 squads of T2 Firbolgs of which I destroyed 2 squads [18 light fighters] (there is no killmail if you don’t kill the whole squad [9 fighters]).
Now at current prices those fighters are worth around 10 mil a piece, yet when the killmail is viewed it says it I only destroyed “a” T2 Firbolg worth 10 mil.

So my question is - What happened to the killmails (and the value of the kills) for the other 8 fighters from each squad?
If the API can only see fighters as a single squad - It should calculate the value of the killmail accordingly.
Otherwise it should generate the correct amount of killmails.

For simplicity sake, reading them as a single loss is easier and all that needs to be done is get the value of the kill or loss right.