Dev Blog: October Balance Pass!


(Sakura Hoshizora) #2900

If you think all my posts are only personal attacks you have a) not followed this discussion and not the other thread and b) have no idea about how real discussions work (hint, not like american politics)

(Nagrom Egroeg) #2901

Brisc is a politician and when using the phrase “my constituants” so often in this thread that is relevant; and as he has stated previously that he wishes to make changes for his own personal beliefs yes, that does constitute him having his own agenda… have you even been reading the thread?

Brisc has stated several times that…

nullsec needs to be more dangerous and that the interceptor change has indeed made it so (if only for interceptor pilots; this is also something he said/acknowledged)

He has also previously stated that interceptors are not a problem in nullsec… which… kind of goes against a lot of other stuff he says tbvh… if their not an issue; why the nerf? it makes no sense - it is in every aspect of the term; nonsensical

he has also stated that the interceptor change would benefit most of the people in eve… whilst also stating that most people dont actually live in nullsec… that is…well…

He has also stated HE wants to change a few things - that is verily an agenda.

I feel somehow you missed basically everything that has been talked about previously, and honestly calling people retarded several times then telling them its against forum roles when they have reciprocated does make you look like your a handbag short of a picnick.

brisc and yourself seem to be strangely too in tune with the way you put forth an argument for debate, even your reasoning - which is basically to ignore what everyone else is saying in favour of your own dogma.

You have both also stated that ‘‘if you dont like it, dont play’’ in one way or another…

Well if you dont like nullification; take your own damn advice.

He also stated far earlier that the problem with ecm is 1v1 well… who they hell goes into a 1v1 fight with an ecm boat… i mean i have several times and ive killed it but thats besides the point; i’ll rephrase

Who the hell goes into a 1v1 with an ecm boat when they dont know what theyre doing… wait… :facepalm:

(Nagrom Egroeg) #2902

and of course brisc is going to be the focal point; hes basically the only person stating that these changes are all good - certainly from the csm or ccp

That much he should be commended for tbvh, even though i think hes completely wrong; at least he is responsive.

(Nana Skalski) #2903

I got impression that even Brisc waits for rebalance of the ships as a resolution to problem. You cant blame him for everything CCP is not capable of.

Actually he wrote to me in one post here above, that he asked CCP about rebalance of ships. So I remember correctly.

(Lugburz) #2904

well right now the combat ceptors need something done to give them something other than basically being a crappy faction frigate; theres nothing that sets them apart or above anything - not even a t1 frigate.
And ecm ships like rook and navy griffin specifically need something done with them.

Personally i would change it back and maybe change the claws align time or slot layout/damage bonus.

ECM didnt need changing, its a force multiplier of course when used in 1v1 situations nine times out of 10 it will come out on top.
This isnt an issue, lachesis, huginn and curse are also very powerful when used in 1v1 situations.

(Scooter6976) #2905

confirmed; brisc alt ^^ rofl :rofl:

(Scooter6976) #2906

we would talk about brisc’s arguments, and HAVE, many times… the Problem with his arguments, is that (depending on the post) they contradict his previous arguments, again and again. you should seriously re-read all his posts in this thread. in fact re-read the WHOLE THING. you will walk away with a greater understanding of why we are long past discussing his ‘arguments’ and instead spend our spare time ‘attacking’ his false premises and contradicting statements.

all that aside, what part of ecm got fixed with this change, and which are broken? make a list of each, and compare the length of the two. you will (maaayb if your not as dense as you appear thusfar) understand why there are a pile of objections to these changes.

(Scooter6976) #2907

isn’t calling a person ‘insulting’ by definition an ‘attack’?

by your logic, you are breaking the same rules you accuse others of breaking. are you doing this on purpose? or are you Really a brisc alt? here to troll us further under an alias??

(Lugburz) #2908

no no first post ive read from him literally said eve was full of retards

then goes on to flag other people that reciprocate the same behavioral dialect.

Im still amazed people do this tbh i mean on the internet and all…

(Scooter6976) #2909

its a brisc alt bro, 9/10. even trolls get sad when no one defends them for being a troll. the only thing left for them to do, is defend themselves! too funny.

anyways, I noticed ccp killed the link to the ‘new’ feedback thread for the October pass. just like all the other scrub updates, they are sweeping the crap under the rug. this is just the beginning of PA ownership. here we go…down the shitter… :persevere:

correction, its not ‘killed’, just hidden. the patch notes no longer has a link to the feedback thread. the old page remains + link intact. you have to look for it tho. and its not seen a new post in at least a couple days. currently, techzer0 thinks he’s won all his arguments I guess?!?!!

(Lugburz) #2910

ah ye this was to ‘discuss’ the changes i guess; it was discussed… but nothing was taken on board.

and now there is a feedback thread to discuss the changes after theyve gone live.

I dont really know what they expect tbh cant get feedback on ships that arent being used and you cant take anyone seriously when they say YEH its all working great… when theyre not using the sh*it or using it vs subpar opponents.


(Ildrara) #2911


(Lugburz) #2912

yw :smiley:

(Emrald Rayne) #2913

I can fly the Arazu and Falcon, the Arazu can reduce the range of the Falcon to the point the Falcon can not target the Arazu. Yes losing your ship after it is jammed sucks but its always been part of the game (DEAL WITH IT). With this change ECM is now useless. IS CCP going to give me back all the training SP I have for ECM?

Can we get rid of the CSM now?

(techzer0) #2914

Is CCP going to give me back all the SP i trained for Titans because they removed the multiple AU AOE attack?
Is CCP going to give me back all the SP I trained so I could fly a Thanatos with sentries?
Is CCP going to give me back all the SP I trained so I could fly Kestrals with missile launchers that fit any missile?
Is CCP going to give me back all the SP I trained for the Moros with a drone bay?
Is CCP going to give me back all the SP I trained for the now nerfed command ships?
Is CCP going to give me back all the SP I trained now that they removed a low slot from my Machariel.

This could go on for hours.
Time to grow up and adapt.

(Scooter6976) #2915

you mean, time to learn the lesson and stop paying them?

I mean, they are practically Begging us to drop subscriptions, and roll around in alphas. im sure they are sure they can limp this game along with skin and extractor purchases right? no? nbd, PA is only bested in the monetization department only by EA. when I Really do decide to quit eve, ill be right along with the likes of you, kill the game, kill it with fire for all it matters at that point.

(techzer0) #2916

Adapting to game balance changes is a part of any game.
The only lesson to learn here is that games change over time to fix balance issues.

Adapt and stop whining about the recent balance changes or don’t.
Either way they happened.

(Scooter6976) #2917

another straw on the camels’ back.

(Winston Onzo) #2918

just means one less toxic capsuleer in the game.

(Scooter6976) #2919

not likely. alpha’s are optimal as gank chars :wink:

…just what the game needs more of amirite?