Dev Blog: October Balance Pass!


(Xsagaroth) #2920

Why? You still use sentries? You still use a thanny?

Do you just not use missiles now?

Same as thanny question really…

This one - if anything actually needs a balance pass its command ships - as they are basically garbage.

LOL - give me some more of these :slight_smile: “etc’s”

I dont understand why people are asking for SP back personally - but ECM in its current state is only useful to very large fleets and has VERY limited uses, i dont honestly feel that any of these examples relate? Recon skill still useful, for flying other non-caldari recons, ECM skill upto lvl 4 still useful for ecm drones the other ecm specific skills i extracted personally :slight_smile: personally i think the main issue with the ECM change is very simply:

  1. what do you use a rook/scorp/navy griffin for now? Falcon or blackbird is likely to be the ship of choice in large fleets anyway - rook / scorp / navy griffin dont really have a place on the field.
  2. what use is the Standup ECM module?
  3. ECM drones (which are REALLY the aspect of ECM that is very very broken, are still very broken, and still do exactly what they did before the change

ECM Change in Oct 2018 update is just wrong
(Agent 5B) #2921

I think I got over 20 strength on my Scorpion when I tried it, ECM drones should be a target break, if anyone hasn’t noticed that they still work as before they jam you and you cannot shoot web scram target paint ect
the ship that is attacking you.

(Nevyn Auscent) #2922

Working as intended, you can target the ECM drone.
Applied literacy helps.

(Scooter6976) #2923

yep, this was by design. evidence they break more than they fix. every. single. time.

(techzer0) #2924




uh huh…

Everyone agrees that changing it was bad in this topic…even Brisc

Now the real question.

Why are you still here after claiming you were quitting?

You don’t even have a presence on the killboard. You never killed someone with or lost to ECM…You’re just trolling.

Go troll elsewhere kiddy and let the big boys who actually play talk. K thanks buh bye.

(Xsagaroth) #2925

oh im sure you are smart enough to work out this is an alt :slight_smile:

And uh no offence, but your kb is pretty lol, so im REALLY hoping that is your alt too

(techzer0) #2926

So not only did you say you were quitting you are making extra characters so you can talk?
Sounds complicated. If you’re quitting why are you afraid of posting with your main?

Just sounds kinda dumb.

(Xsagaroth) #2927

oh and i post with this one, because I choose to, thats the thing with freewill, its my choice which character i CHOOSE to post with, not yours or anyone elses. :wink:

(techzer0) #2928

Cool story.

Noob troll with zero experience in the game.

(Xsagaroth) #2929

oh no you burned me! sorry im not rising to your bait mr 49bn in kms lol :slight_smile:

you DID make me laugh though, so thats something :wink:

(Iowa Banshee) #2930

Wouldn’t be too sure about that.
(…nd wasn’t smart enough to work out that I was posting with one)

(Lugburz) #2931

Tech doesnt look like hes really played since 2014.

Im posting on my main, i fly a lot of logi, tackle and other support ships; for small gang i sometimes use an alt in a falcon but rarely, other ships are just more useful - even before the patch. ECM jams that dont always jam are unreliable; never rely on something that cant be relied upon… and now well… now they are not only unreliable but they also cant be used as a method of tanking so… pff…

I also use to fly combat ceptors for solo; without a doubt one of my most favourite ships to play around with fleets in when your solo; fleet messes up BAM snag someone out of the pack.
Course cant do that now, need to field two ships if the csm have their way you wont be able to do it at all… tbh nullification the past few years added new dimensions tp the game, then came the t3d’s, then fozzie sov… past few years has been great mostly with more additions to play with.

Now i fear it really is being pushed back ‘into the dark ages’

Which is great for people who want to sit on gates camping bubbles all day whilst your alts mine and rat in relative safety because aint nothing getting through all the bubbles everyone will have up.

The combat ceptor and ecm change have got to be among the most ill conceived, ill informed, stupidest, nullbloc agenda driven bs that has come up so far.

Im already missing my taranis and crusader, ye sure i could fly them but why bother when other ships i can use are far superior. Lets be honest here, a friggin hecate has a better align time than a taranis.

(techzer0) #2932

Awww…so you think this is the only character i have?
That’s cute.

I have 8 characters all 2006 or younger all with over 80m sp
And I am replying with one of them.

Go on and tell us all again how great you are at pvp mr 0 kills troll.

(Scooter6976) #2933

or perhaps a brisc clone?

(Scooter6976) #2934

lets not forget that the carrier upheaval was Really done to break up the slowcat gangs and reduce server load. and it was predictably broken in its first Several iterations. and the rorqual was INCREDIBLY broken upon its ‘reinvention’. predictably. and that was done in preparation for the ‘active’ moon mining upheaval. I mean, the last several years have been nothing but ‘fix’ 1 thing and break 5. over and over again. ecm is just the most recent wrecking hit.

and iirc, inty nullification came After fozziesov, but don’t get me lying. since they also upended the forums, its near impossible to nail down the timeline for a smoker like myself. eve is a game, its sposed to be fun.

tracking 1 ■■■■ change after the next isn’t fun. memorializing ‘expansion’ names to try and compare which broke eve the ‘worstest’, that’s not especially fun either imo.

quoting brisc tho, that’s quite entertaining; for the lolz

for the record, eve used to give us a Proper Expansion every 6 months. at least back then, pre-seagull, when they broke a thing, we could have confidence that they wouldn’t be breaking anything else for at least SIX MONTHS. now, you can flip a coin every month on what crack-pipe smoking change will be implmented THIS TIME.

(techzer0) #2935

Jesus dude.

You seem kinda salty that I happen to agree with a CSM member.

(Scooter6976) #2936

sooo, are we quoting eachother accurately? or we guna continue to make ■■■■ up?

plz expand, in your own words, what do you like about this change? and why? was there anything that could have been done differently that would make this last pass better than it is in its current form? we’ve all passed around ideas. you seem to have come here to trash ppl’s kill boards and posting with alts, yet you just admitted to being 1 of many alts. apologies, you just remind me soo much of brisc!

(techzer0) #2937

The first person to respond to me trashed me with an alt while referring to my killboard.
That is why I did it. You can blame Iowa Banshee for starting that. He has been whining for days and when i mentioned i like the change (not to him) he decided to point to Techzer0 killboard and tell me about 4 times bleah bleah ECM hurr durr.
While he has 0 interactions with ECM. When that was pointed out he said it was a trade alt…yet there are kills and losses in ships that are not trading ships. A hypocrite basically.

That said.

I like the ECM change. I have been locked down quite a few times with no recourse by ECM across many different alts while using the “counter”. I think the Citadel ECM being changed wasn’t a good idea. But I don’t personally deploy them or fight them so it isn’t a big deal to me. I can see how it would bother others.

I like the lurch HIC change because no cruiser should be able to go 6k/s with nearly perfect agility.

I dislike the Demavik change because it is an armor tank ship and they stripped a very valuable low slot.

I am not Brisc. I would think it is not very professional for a CSM to be using alts to point out hypocrites. I would think he would just do it himself.

(Lugburz) #2938

seriously though if thats your main pvp guy you cant like the change, you dont have any knowledge or experience.

ECM change is absolute ■■■■, ive kille many griffins and bb in just a taranis.
Also killed two falcons AND their gang in just two canes… and we didnt die…
ECM overpowered? only when theres 6 people beating down on you and they have a falcon but lets face it, your pretty screwed anyway…
However… ECM was messing fighters up… thats the real reason fr the change and dont let anyone tell you otherwise.
There are few people that can agree to that change wholeheartedly and most of those just dont like being jammed or rather, having to counter it.
Thats not an ecm issue thats a YOU issue.

As for ceptor nullification nullblocs who sit on gates with titans yes, they want it; of course they do, they dont want to have to think about counters or actually work for the kill.
And they sure as ■■■■ dont like ceptor fleets in their area even though they admit it really doesnt effect them… whilst whining that it does.
So claws align too fast with two istabs… change that; NOT THE WHOLE CLASS SO IT BECOMES 99% USELESS.
Tech, when was the last time you pvped? when was the last time you used ecm? or flew an interceptor? or fought one?
Where does your opinion come from? do you actually even play the game?
Seriously do you?

(Scooter6976) #2939

unprofessional is exactly what I expect from brisc, thinly veiled behind ‘good’ grammar. =P

the lurch hic was the only thing that needed fixing. as it is technically a bug. ccp could’ve declared it as such, and implemented temporary bans for its use, if the code was soo cocked up they cant or don’t know how to fix it. instead they shat on wh’ers, then reversed half-arse, and gave us a niche module that no one really wanted until they declared the luch hic ‘fix’.

I still object to the idea that ecm somehow ‘locks down’ a person, or prevents them from doing anything, etc etc. I know its not used in a vacuum, but then what is? when we are talking about balance, counter play is an important aspect of that. there is Plenty of counterplay vs ecm imo. more now than ever! lol

I don’t fly the demavik, so ive tried to refrain from commenting too heavily on its adjustment. with that said, I think the entire trig ship line with its ‘ramp-up’ dps is bad for the game. its not game breaking, but it creates yet another niche playstyle that can be exploited and will be increasingly difficult to balance the rest of the ships around.

the interceptor change is just more catering to ns bears imo. its cuz fozzie is still @ ccp, and collectively they refuse to ‘fix’ sov. again. although, I think this is possibly a good thing; god knows what crap they’d dream up to replace fozziesov. if this last patch is any indication of where they are taking the game.

they should’ve tweaked the claws hardpoint layout or pg or such if its out of balance compared to other ‘combat’ inty’s. imo. instead, they are sending the ‘combat’ inty’s back into the dust-collection bin. its downright retarded how many times they’ve ‘touched’ inty’s; buff, nerf, buff, nerf. ffs, they are the tiniest ships in the game! only t1 frigs have less dps/combat potential! which clues us into why the csm sponsored this in the first place: excavator drones. 500+mil per. first off, that’s stupid. second, the rorq is still the most unbalanced hull in the game. why they spend time on ecm or inty’s? hmmm, majority ns csm mayb?