Dev Blog: October Balance Pass!


(techzer0) #2940

So my opinion and that is all it is isn’t in line with yours therefore I don’t play the game?
Your bias is showing.

I like the changes. That is my opinion and I explained why i personally think that way. I didn’t have to explain my opinion in any detail and I sure as hell don’t have to justify it to anyone.

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Goons will be deploying in short order again soon, this time to take space not to kill keepstars.
Fozzieclaw nullification nerf now allows then to simply sit on the bottleneck and entosis with sigils.

(Lugburz) #2942

your opinion isnt based from actually playing the game, as far as anyone can tell you havent played in what, 2? 3 years?
Your opinion doesnt mean ■■■■ because its the type of opinion vegans and chemtrail theorists have; based on some mystical half assed apprehension of the subject being debated.

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if you think i or anyone else should take whatever you say on board you are literally the type or person that calls a plumber to fix your fusebox.

(techzer0) #2944

Really…because I was hunting abyss runners not too long ago and killing them. I guess the abyss was released 2? 3? years ago?
So your assumption is wrong. It is dreams from make believe land because you want a reason to argue with someones opinion you don’t like.

I don’t. I don’t care if someone takes my opinion and runs with it or doesn’t like it. That is my opinion.

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post on your main bro but grats on hunting people not fitted for pvp and not using ecm… i sure it gives you a really good grasp of actual pvp… smh

(techzer0) #2947

Oddly enough you’re not asking people with zero actual experience to post with their main.
Your bias is showing. Since others agree with you it’s okay they are not proving ■■■■ and are using alts with zero kills.

Don’t like my opinion? Don’t read it.

(Lugburz) #2953

Overpowered my ass

(techzer0) #2954

Scroll up and read my posts.
Please quote my use of the word “overpowered”.

(techzer0) #2955

Still looking?

(Lugburz) #2956

if its not overpowered its balanced.
if its balanced it does not need change.
that is a pragmatic way to come to a logical conclusion.

But feel free to have an opinion that is clearly wrong.

(techzer0) #2957

Facts are semantics when you don’t like them.
Cool story.

(Lugburz) #2958

…Attempt at redirecting…


gg glhf

(Scooter6976) #2959

opinions cant really be ‘wrong’. just by definition.

the ‘facts’ one basis their opinion Can be incorrect however. ala, fake news.

rng was cited as the primary basis for the ecm change, oh and how it affects a person’s FEELINGS. well, lots of games have rng mechanics, just like lots of games have ‘taunt’ mechanics. so they Want to rid themselves of the rng, but at the same time mimic what other games use as a taunt. they called this a balance pass, but it Doesn’t balance anything. instead it creates further imbalance in key aspects of combat, AND it crashes a whole class of ewar and its ship bonused hulls.

as ive said many times, if you just Read the original dev blog, its literally one contradicting statement after another. there are soo many contradictions in fact, that you could read it and almost think its a joke. if you add brisc’s commentary to the mix, then it MUST be a joke…except it wasn’t and isn’t, and is now live. I would like to know what ccp metrics on ecm usage show, even in just the early days. also I would like to see some mention of incursions into ns to kill ratters and other things. is it more now? or less? common ccp, show us how Effective your recent ‘Balance Pass’ was! did you effectively kill the ships you wanted to?? did you get buffs to the playstyles you wanted?? stop asking US to TELL YOU, and instead TELL US wtf you Really expect from trash heaps like this!

(Lugburz) #2960

well my solo kills against ecm ships got deleted. If i was a conspiracy theorist id say they were trying to hide the truth!!

Im not though, someone just doesnt like the facts proving them wrong so they reported it as spam .

And this space feinds is why people dont generally bother with the forums…

(Scooter6976) #2961

they don’t like ppl showing fits, especially fail fits. it puts the cards on the table. and snowflakes call it bullying. lol

facts are secondary anyways, per the dev blog. we are here to balance a persons feelings :wink:

(Ildrara) #2963

Or maybe it was because you spammed a half dozen replies with one link each instead of once with several links.

Someone just doesn’t want to admit spamming like that is dumb.

(Thrasymachus TheSophist) #2964

First, thanks for taking the time to answer questions and interact here. With so many folks here unable to form cogent arguments without resorting to ad homs, or simply regurgitating the same points, I suspect it is rather difficult to stay civil.

In that spirit, I’m not going to rehash the ECM issues - of which I am decidedly not in favor of the new mechanics. If, on the one hand, the concern is that players feel neutered when jammed, this change has done very little to change that. The resultant use of ECM will be as it was back in 2008 - Falcons 150KM away, jamming whatever they like. The jammed party is hardly going to feel better now since they can re-direct their drones or start burning at the Falcon, knowing it can just hop off grid and return cloaked.

The “real” justification for this nerf seems to be 1:1 PVP. If that’s the case, it is a rather inelegant solution.

I would suggest that if folks are generally unhappy with ECM (and I concur that it is a common complaint) that you re-think the entire system and try and figure out what is acceptable. And then implement it. Because the current “fix” will hamper quite severely the use of ECM boats in anything other than long-range jamming, from 1:1 to small gangs and up. While ECM pilots have gotten used to being primaried, in the past, they had some ability to control that by jamming who is in range, prioritizing, taking advantage of numbers and disorganization by the opponent. That is all gone. You simply can’t fly a boat whose tank is ECM within range anymore because the other side no longer needs to coordinate primarying you - the system has made it so that it is the ONLY thing they can do.

One other constructive comment: I’ve seen you post here a few times that you’re concerned about the long-term viability of ISK faucets in terms of ratting and mining, etc. You understand that in a player-based economy (as here) that this is misplaced, correct? Basic rules of supply and demand will correct. If ISK faucets are “too large” in terms of flooding the market, you will see prices rise as a counter, ultimately keeping it all in check. Cut back on the ability to “make ISK” and you will see prices on the high-end items drop. Simple supply/demand.

Thanks again for your time. o/

(Brisc Rubal) #2965

I think the issue isn’t a question of supply and demand but one of inflation. The amount of money entering an economy needs to be controlled to keep inflation to a minimum. We’ve already seen this in the game over the last fifteen years, but the spike in isk entering the economy in bounties from stuff like super ratting has spiked in the last few years and I think it’s not sustainable.

CCP has to be like the Federal Reserve in the US or the central banks in Europe and tweak the money supply to keep inflation down.