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(BIade Runner) #3147

Blah blah, your are captive in the same logical error, “some point of view matters as much as the point of origin is an authoritative figure”.
Focus instead on arguments, not on judgment shortcuts good just for some lazy minds, the kind who let others to think in their place just because they “know better”.

(Brisc Rubal) #3148

Go pick up a copy of “The Death of Expertise” by Tom Nichols.

(BIade Runner) #3149

Haha, the same pattern. “read X, he know better, i don’t even need to use my own logic or bring arguments”. It was just funny if this kind of thinking was not the origin of the sheeple mentality who leaded to so many horrific things…

(Brisc Rubal) #3150

Like I said, check out the book. It’s pretty good.

(BIade Runner) #3151

Expertise is good and very useful as a source of advice and inspiration, but not as an replacement for logic, arguments and own judgment :wink:

(Brisc Rubal) #3152

Logic, arguments and judgment don’t matter much when you don’t have the knowledge needed to make them useful. Being able to tell that is important.

Would you let a guy who looks like a homeless person do your taxes just because he sounds like he knows what he’s doing?

(BIade Runner) #3153

Excellent criteria for a good expertise… I always knew how important the clothing is :smiley:
I will stop here, thank you.

(Brisc Rubal) #3154

Now you’re just being obtuse.

(Old Pervert) #3155

The question then, is whether the argument is objective or subjective. In a subjective argument, yes, the qualifications of the person matter. For exactly the subjects you describe, the qualifications do matter.

BUT. Since you bring up wardecs. If I were to say “according to the numbers, wardecs are harmful to player retention”, it wouldn’t matter if I’ve ever been involved in a wardec. And I’ve not been - we’ve been decced but we’re a nullsov and we’ve got logistics services that are all in NPC.

My assertion about wardecs, even though I’m not speaking from experience, is no more or less true than it was before. The merits of that assertion can be challenged absolutely. But at that point, we’re going from a subjective argument (I believe that…) to objective (the facts suggest that…).

Credibility only comes into play when one makes an unfounded assertion. If one cannot provide reasoned proof for their argument, it can be discarded with the same lack of reasoned proof. In a nutshell, Hitchen’s Razor.

Would you let a man in a suit do it because he looks like he knows what he’s doing?

(Brisc Rubal) #3156

Nope - I’d want to see his killboard first.

(Old Pervert) #3157

You’d want to see his qualifications. I get that. But what if the homeless dude with no qualifications were to say “oh well you can claim X amount for Y because of Z”, it wouldn’t matter if he was the head of your gov’t tax revenue agency or a homeless bum with zero qualification.

One cannot however discard his assertion out of hand. If a reasoned argument were provided, it would need to be debated on merit of the argument made (X Y and Z). As opposed to “you aren’t a CPA, you don’t know what you’re talking about”.

I’m not saying seeking credentials is bad. And I’m not saying you yourself are discarding arguments out-of-hand. But others on these forums do.

(BIade Runner) #3158

Good that you don’t want to see his underwear… :rofl:

Your mind cannot function autonomous, is obvious. Brain is like a muscle, and his functions works the same, if you not exert them, they go away.

Is very saddening that in the land were the freedom and personal autonomy are at high value, there are many people with not enough cognitive support to get them implemented.

(techzer0) #3159

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(Old Pervert) #3160

See… the problem with skill injectors is that there are of course skill extractors. It appears you extracted reading comprehension. Go ahead and inject that one back. Then go ahead and read about what an analogy is. THEN go ahead and see who initially used that analogy.


(techzer0) #3161

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(Old Pervert) #3162

Nothing does. An analogy is a similar scenario or illustrative scenario. In this case, the point was to provide a clear example whereby one could illustrate that appearance means nothing when speaking about credentials. Further illustrated was the point that irrespective of credentials, the arguments they make can still be correct or incorrect. From that, we infer that appearance and credential are ultimately irrelevant when the proponent uses a reasoned argument.

Most people understand this. Which is why I suggested you do some preliminary reading, because it’s obvious and something that you shouldn’t have needed to have explained to you.

(techzer0) #3163

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(Old Pervert) #3164

Maybe it’s because you aren’t actually contributing anything of intelligence to the conversation. Which seems likely, given that other posts of yours without personal attacks got flagged and hidden as well.