Dev Blog: October Balance Pass!

People who do solo pvp with griffins deserve to be thrown under the bus! :ghost:

You must know what they say about silent majority. If you only see handful of players posting here it only means that general population opinion is somewhere between “accepted” and “stopped (or never cared) to care about game, CCP and CSM altogether”.

Now that this guy is gone, are ECM and 'cepters are going to be put back the way they were, so they are actually useful?


no because there are many other people that are really vocal about these things despite having terrible killboards and little to no actual understanding of wtf theyre actually talking about… ie the issue not actually being with the ship but in fact being everything to do with how blobs work.

A 100 guns sat at one point and not one persons guns are obscured by another (friendly) ship in their path…

…and then disregard anything he says because you have an agenda to follow so his opinion really didnt matter anyway?

To be fair, my main concerns were with the ECM changes. and i made several posts about this in Sept 2018. Others were very concerned about the 'cepter nullification and the rolling WH thing (the specifics are escaping at the moment). It is very disappointing that everyone’s concerns fell on deaf ears.


They made a new module so Hictors could continue to roll critical WHs. Compared to the ECM change, that one ended up being fairly gentle in the end thanks to that new module.

However, IMO they should have just made a new script for the old bubble modules so we could swap between hole-rolling mode and trapping ships mode(s) without having to refit the Hictor’s highslots with a 60 seconds mobile depot deployment (or orca, nestor, capital within 5km… or a dockup-refit-reundock).

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Thought I’d come an paint my frustration of those nerf, but… well let’s see what happens for a change.

As I am trying to understand how hard it is for CCP (or any other entity for that matter), to manage an international business which has with a decade plus of experience. And the needs of Eve online customer basehave individual needs/desires/issues that flow linearly, plus multidirectional ones - which in most cases flow against each other (think red vs blue). It almost feel like those icelander developers have to govern a geopolitical conflict. Which is a hard thing to do. Everyone want their issues to be solved First.

It is already very demanding to please everyone, now doing so while making a profit (or breaking even) is even much more stressful. So it comes a time (when the whole game is stalling in new numbers) where we, the customers (both side of the fence), should become mature enough to understand, and use some degree of patience to overcome our desires and abide to the incoming change, for the greater good.

Change can be, in this form of Nullification or ECM matters, and in other case the WarDec revamp. This is life, it keeps changing, and we humans will adapt and carry on. Should you feel overwhelmed at any point, just take a break and come back later.

I did take a break, and whilst im kind of back now and doing a few things i dont really roam much anymore and i really miss my crusader and taranis.
They didnt need to take nullification away, they could have just restricted what you can put in the lows (ie nano’s/istabs)
ECM is a joke, it didnt need changing.
In both cases all they really succeeded in doing was to nerf several ships in the game into unused oblivion.

such a shame.


Are we ever going to see this get reverted?

The whine from the blog:

As a victim, watching your ship die while jammed without anything you can do about it feels bad.

Proved untrue since there are both skills and items to counter, the VICTIM in this case failed to fit correctly and/or failed to train the right skills.

As a result of this FALSE WHINE they made one of the worst changes ever:

To start us on a path towards a healthier balance for ECM, we are making one critical change to its mechanics: while jammed, you can always lock the ship that is jamming you.

This needs to be reverted, it was based on a false assumption.

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‘‘while jammed you are not jammed’’

looks legit

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Except that’s not it at all.

Which is the false assumption. There’s still stuff you can do, sure some of it has to happen before you undock, but that’s the same for all the other ewar out there.

When will sensor damps be ‘fixed’ so that I can do something when the evil menace that is reduced targeting range is inflicted on me? Because watching my ship die while sensor damped without anything I can do about it feels bad.


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Thing is they did this, and screwed up a couple of ships

the rest just make sure they’re at range now

and ye, i do love me damps lol personally i think in many fights theyre the far superior ewar of choice.

I mean this effectively pulled griffins out of entosis fights (i have killed tons of these 1v1 but yeh obv needed changing) and basically ruined the griffin navy, possibly the rook and in some ways the widow.

I guess next up is damps or maybe just dps on all ships because dying fast to several ships is bad and watching my ship die quickly makes me feel bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

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In this I think you’re right, even before the ECM change we’d run damps over ecm because it was so much more reliable when disrupting locks/targeting of logi… but you know, obviously CCP plays their game, and does thorough investigations of things prior to making sweeping changes (or bans).

< sigh >

Just very disappointing is all.

You forgot the Falcon!, which has no use now afaict (though have to admit I used one for a cyno recently… but it makes for an expensive corvette).


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LoL, I think you’ve gotta include “without anything I can do” if you want em to make a change. But yes, agree completely, DPS OP, NERF DPS!!.. I can safely say everyone of my loses is due to too much DPS on grid. :stuck_out_tongue:


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falcons fine tbh, i never fly within 60k anyway, abviously its pretty screwed for people who dont know what theyre doing, rainbow fits and at 0m… deserve to die anyay.

But yeh lot of doctrines for lowsec have fitted damps over the years. It the only one thats like a blanket garanteed effect.

There was that time in lowsec i did get tackled by a rock…

You do realize what you quoted is not me but the blog?

Yes, but it was easier/faster to scroll up a post, than find the blog/copy/paste etc etc.

You do realise it doesn’t matter?


From EVE Wiki, for Posterity :rofl:

Countering ECM

Now you should understand exactly what ECM is and how it works within Eve. How is it countered? In order to make it harder for ECM modules to jam you you simply need to increase your sensor strength. You can do this in a variety of ways:

  • Get a bigger ship. Bigger, more powerful ships have naturally larger sensor strength: e.g a Merlin (frigate) has a sensor strength of 11 while a Raven (battleship) has a sensor strength of 22.
  • Sensor Booster modules (mid slot) - These can be loaded with ECCM scripts to increase the strength against jamming. As active modules, they can also be overheated - and will normally overheat for quite some time.
  • Signal Amplifiers (low slot) - These modules are similar to Sensor Booster modules but use low slots and give smaller bonuses.
  • Remote Sensor Boosters - These allow you to remotely project ECCM script support on to your friend’s ship.
  • Gravimetric / Magnetometric / Radar / Ladar Sensor Compensation skills - Increase sensor strength by 4% per level of their respective sensor types.