Dev Blog: October Balance Pass!


(March rabbit) #3170

People who do solo pvp with griffins deserve to be thrown under the bus! :ghost:

(March rabbit) #3171

You must know what they say about silent majority. If you only see handful of players posting here it only means that general population opinion is somewhere between “accepted” and “stopped (or never cared) to care about game, CCP and CSM altogether”.

(Murazor StarHammer) #3173

Now that this guy is gone, are ECM and 'cepters are going to be put back the way they were, so they are actually useful?

(Lugburz) #3174

no because there are many other people that are really vocal about these things despite having terrible killboards and little to no actual understanding of wtf theyre actually talking about… ie the issue not actually being with the ship but in fact being everything to do with how blobs work.

A 100 guns sat at one point and not one persons guns are obscured by another (friendly) ship in their path…

(Lugburz) #3175

…and then disregard anything he says because you have an agenda to follow so his opinion really didnt matter anyway?

(Murazor StarHammer) #3176

To be fair, my main concerns were with the ECM changes. and i made several posts about this in Sept 2018. Others were very concerned about the 'cepter nullification and the rolling WH thing (the specifics are escaping at the moment). It is very disappointing that everyone’s concerns fell on deaf ears.

(Sylvia Kildare) #3177

They made a new module so Hictors could continue to roll critical WHs. Compared to the ECM change, that one ended up being fairly gentle in the end thanks to that new module.

However, IMO they should have just made a new script for the old bubble modules so we could swap between hole-rolling mode and trapping ships mode(s) without having to refit the Hictor’s highslots with a 60 seconds mobile depot deployment (or orca, nestor, capital within 5km… or a dockup-refit-reundock).