Dev blog: Reactions redefined - New industry opportunities for you!


(Cartheron Crust) #101

If it is possible by in game means it will be tried and tested.

(Gabriel Karade) #102

Still not a fan - I don’t like how it’s taking a gameplay element that required some detailed thought and planning (how can I maximise reaction profit with these moons that are available to me) to one of simply “Let’s throw more alts at it…”

Also, I still maintain there’s no way enough of the ‘crappy’ materials (i.e. the gases/low value metals) will make their way into the supply chain with the new system to keep T2 production going.

(Erethond) #103

So… the demand for them will increase relative to offer, their prices will rise until it becomes tempting for people to produce them and ‘crappy’ materials will be less crappy?

(Sophia Mileghere) #104

What happens with the Mobile Siphon Unit after the update or what are the future plan for the Mobile Siphon Units?

(Querns) #105

It’s been said repeatedly in multiple mediums that siphons are going away, in favor of ninjamining the belts that refineries produce.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #106

Assuming people do that of course :smiley:

(Querns) #107

Statistically speaking, no one used siphons, either. IIRC, CCP Fozzie once said that he’d go and look up people who complain about siphons being too weak or their imminent removal, and to a man, not a one had actually ever used one.

(Sir SmashAlot) #108

The transition is a little abrupt.

Old reaction farm shut down on patch day.

But to replace the output of all the current farms, one needs new structures manufactured and successfully anchored with appropriate modules/rigs. Significantly more characters will be needed and must have new skills trained to match the output of a single POS farm managing character.

While I see the potential for the new system to be far more productive than the old one (with significant investment in accounts and SP), the gap in output will not be kind to the market or the game as a whole.

The expansion as is planned will lead to a complete stockout of T2 items a week or so before the expansion as builders will have an incentive to hold back and speculators will arbitrage the supply gap.

(Querns) #109

This abrupt changeover is probably intentional. Don’t expect CCP to cave on it.

(Gabriel Karade) #110

It will be a cliff edge effect though. Take for example Tesseract Capacitor Units, which are but one component used in every Amarr T2 ship:

To make them you need four sets of advanced materials, which means:

promethium plus mercury
tungsten plus platinum

technetium plus platinum
hydrocarbons plus silicates

tungsten plus platinum
atmospheric gases plus evaporite deposits

neodymium plus mercury
technetium plus platinum
atmospheric gases plus evaporite deposits

Who is really going to be bothered mining tungsten, atmospheric gases, silicates etc just after patch day?.. No-one, because those who will be doing the mining, are already miners, so they’ll go straight for the ‘high end’ - the neodymium’s/promethium’s of the world. In the meantime, all the ‘low end’ stuff dries up, and et voila, T2 production goes spastic.

Don’t get me wrong, change brings opportunities (even if I dislike the way the new reaction system works), but I’m not certain the risks have been fully understood.

(Querns) #111

Seems like a self-fixing problem to me. If no one bothers to mine atmospheric gases, the price will go up, and then suddenly they’ll be worth mining again.

(Nevyn Auscent) #112

The abrupt changeover would be linked to the total reseed of moons would it not?

(Acac Sunflyier) #113

All of these new moon mining modules, blueprints, and skill books are going to be released early, yes? I feel like there’s going to be a big disruption that will be made worse by not having the basic needs to do this out until the day of.

(Querns) #114

They come out in a week and change.

(Captain Thunderwalker) #115

What I see happening…

  1. A butt load of drilling platforms dieing after anchoring.
  2. Alot of Rorquals dieing in a fire.
  3. Moongoo prices sky rocketing.
  4. Either moons are upgraded for more moongoo or moongoo mining in WH and a little bit in Hisec are brought in to eve.
    5 Prices of popcorn going up as we watch the forums explode with crybabies.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #116

Actually that all sounds quite fun!

(Captain Thunderwalker) #117

sorry I forgot to ask…

will Drug production be included in this?

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #118

Any reactions will need a refinery

(Captain Thunderwalker) #119

yes but will we need a diff module for this? and will it be released with this expansion? because it looks like it might be a touch up latter on.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #120

I thought all reactions would be available, but someone who’s tested on sisi would be best placed to andser about modules.