Dev blog: Reactions redefined - New industry opportunities for you!


(mtghazi Audeles) #121

my only complain is the racial fuel block usage. I wish they could make it so you could use any racial fuel blocks. I just want it because i just don’t wanna haul random fuel from amarr or jita where else I can just produce or get the fuel from the region I am in. Seems like extra logistics for no reason.

(T-945FII) #122

CCP once again being dumb.

A large refinery, on test, allows one reaction run and then you buy additional skills giving a character a maximum 11 runs at once.

There are a couple of WTF moments here:

so correct me here if i’m wrong but most reaction chains alone require 3 individual reactions. ie react raw material into intermediary then into advanced (minimum requires 2 intermediary)

depending on reaction it can take 2-4 days to fill up 20km3 of the advanced material, on test the reactions will take 4x more 8 days

More things to consider you save 10 units of raw material researching bpo to max and save 30 minutes researching time efficiency taking it down to 2 1/2 hours per reacting 100 units of raw material, this currently takes 1 hour.

So not only are you making moon reactions a mining fest dependent on people actually mining the dam things when there are other things that you can mine 23.5/7. you are slowing the entire process down. The more I look into this the more I want to say ty CCP, Fozzie and anyone else involved in this ridiculous and stupid change.

(Zetakya) #123

My bet is that the gap between the different types of goo will narrow significantly. Expect the low ends to be roughly equivalent to Dark Ochre in terms of ISK/hour, high end equivalent to Krystallos.

(Kcarr1) #124

Will moons be randomized as to what they will produce after the patch or will the end products, after mining the chucks, be the same as the current moons composition?


(Kenneth Feld) #125

NOTHING will be the same

On patch day EVERY moon will be redone

If you read the past 3 devblogs you would know both of those answers as they are written on a 3rd grade level.

(Dominatify) #126

I have looked high and low trying to find information on the bonuses that the structure will grant. Can we expect a bonus to refining efficiency from the structure itself like the ECs provide to industry activities and if so, 1%? 3% to refining yield? If not, there’s absolutely no point in anchoring one in High sec unless I’m missing something which is entirely plausible. (or to import reaction materials and make them there)

(Tipa Riot) #127

They will be bonused to refining, and all other structures will be nerfed, but I’ve not seen final numbers. Hence to keep your current refining rate you have to switch to a refinery structure.

(ll Kuray ll) #128

It’s not even here and I’m already bored of this awful change. I’ve been on the test server trying to make sense of it and I’ve completely lost all desire to anchor refineries. I’ve always reacted materials and this change just rips the arse out of this gameplay. Having played the game for 12 years I think it’s time to play games that are less time intensive. Fozzie sov, Fozzie jump fatigued, Fozzie force projection Fozzie moon mining… All have added to creating a painfully boring game play. Get a grip!

(Vasil Comino) #129

@CCP_Phantom and @CCP_Fozzie

Can you let us know what the rigs are going to do. With all due respect you have released the Skill Books and I dont know how many characters to train?

Also could be blind but cant see the rigs on SISI either



(Vasil Comino) #130

Thank you for finally putting the rigs in sisi. Not happy I have to go from 1 character to 2. But definitely better than the six I predicted earlier in the thread.

Side note. On SISI both the time and materials say it gives a bonus to both attributes in the 'attributes tab. I assume this is incorrect. but worth you noting to fix.



(T-945FII) #131

what rigs are these please? I can’t seem to see any new rigs.


(T-945FII) #132

what rigs have been added?

(Amadeus Z) #133

Hi Phantom,

did I see that right on SiSi, that 4 fuel block flavors are needed for the different reactions? That will become a logistical nightmare …

sad panda now

PS: Make the four racial flavors into just one fuel block - no racial stuff needed here!

(Walter Matthau) #134

HI guys - i was on the Test Server.
I startet 2 Days of Moon Mining - and after that i grapped the stuff with my Exhumers.
After that i refined the Stuff and i wonderd how much income i had.

From 2 Days here the Result.

58% Base Yield Refinery on Astrahus.
Thats too much.
Can someone explain that to me pls.

(Trixi Laminer) #135

I haven’t jumped on the test servers to check out the new structure up close but ive seen the preview videos and dev blogs about it.
I was wondering if you guys will add a custom sounds and so on when you are docked inside of it compared to other citadel structures?
And perhaps a new sound effect when you open the refinery structure related jobs menus like refining and reactions to give them some new flair.
So its not the same old industry Ui sound effect on all the structures.

(Vasil Comino) #136

You find them in the market oin test server.

(Jetto) #137

Do I miss something or there is no skill for other reaction than moon reaction ?

What will be hybrid reaction yield ?

(Soldarius) #138

275k units? That’s 112 days supply of goo at current POS consumption rates. Clearly a placeholder value.

(zieg zion) #140

Will you have to buy BPOs for the reactions or will the formulas be pre loaded into the structure?

(Jetto) #141

As explained, reaction will be converted to BPO that you’ll may research.