Dev blog: The EVE Vegas 2018 Megablog!


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Anyone know where the video of the upwell structures is? I missed it by a few minutes and can’t find it anywhere.

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So much about Eve ‘Please CLAP’ Vegas …


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:clap: :clap: :clap:

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evidence enough that rorquals DO NOT need their dual/tripple ancillary fits removed. Bombers bar forms 100+ to 250 from time to time, they can delete ANYTHING on grid.
Even after the november change to 1ancil, 100 bombers will still delete a rorqual, just like before.
If you are SET on making this change, AT LEAST PLEASE give the rorqual a drone buff so that it can at least contribute to it’s own defense. A rorqual cannot hit a bomber with drones. A bomber wing with logi… no chance!
So if you’re obsessed with taking away my isk faucet (doesn’t hurt goons, as shown) at least let me take 20 or 30 of them down with me. fair’s fair.

(Erethond) #45

Anyone knows where one could find all the presentations from Vegas? So far CCP has only uploaded the opening, keynotes and closing ceremony, none of the actual information sessions.

(Predvodnica LSG) #46

Here it is, little messy but it is all we got:

(Kuba Ganowski) #47

Veags 2018 was awsome!. Next year I m going to flight there again.

(Commander A9) #48

Very VERY excited for Nova! :smiley:

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