Dev blog: The Handover Of Serenity – Thank You & Farewell

Despite all the botting issues and how Tiancity was being irresponsible.

As a former player:
o7 Serenity

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Well I don’t like if people talk about the history of my country as if some nice uncle on the other side of the ocean made it all good in the end. It’s not true. You’re right, it isn’t reddit. The forums are a place for less circle-jerk and more in-depth discussion. Anyhow back to the topic…

It’s important to not immediately think of botting connected to RMT. CCP stated that the majority of RMT-related bans had their origin in accounts being compromised. It seems also realistic. Botters will have cost in terms of equipment and electricity and they are limited in throughput. RMTers, in most western countries at least, are probably commiting real crimes, by not paying taxes on their profits.

Botting seems to be more of way for in-game poors who don’t know how to make proper ISK/hour.

I’ve done a bit of research on the topic and came across people who offer bots via a forum. What I found totally astonoshing is the pity amount of profit they promise with their “product”. I’ve read about something like 3-4 Billion a month for some ratting bot that runs a couple of hours per day. There were quite a lot of replies to this offer, people asking questions and giving reports. Now I’m asking: why would anyone risk their accounts, especially or this kind of pocket change?

I think they want to avoid the learning curve and obstacles at the beginning. They don’t enjoy the grind part of EVE and they either don’t know or aren’t in the position for non-grindy in-game income. There are many players like this, but most will simply buy PLEX from CCP to even out the devide between in-game rich and in-game poors in their favor.

Those who bot are either unable to pay the extra or they think they’re extra smart by paying the bot-makers instead of CCP. About the guys who can’t afford PLEX: at least CCP made it cheaper to buy a subscription in certain countries with an income far lower than western average.

Wasn’t it that players successfully sued TianCity so they had to leave botters alone?

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A six year licensing agreement comes to an end.

I’m pretty sure Codeites existed before Alphas.

–Sure Gadget

Yeah… we already had that and the crybabies wailed and gnashed their teeth until it got nerfed.

Did someone say “bot immigration to Tranquility”?


Personally I never thought the separate server should have existed. If China feels the need to isolate itself then let them. If they want to open it up to let their people play games with the rest of the world then that would be ideal. I’ve never understood the idea of capitulating to people who will let you do your thing but only if you do it their way cause at that point it’s not really yours any more is it?

Originally CCP stated the reasoning behind the server in China was to expand their market to fund projects and based on what people are saying here it was basically milked by the people who bought the license and has such a small base of players that the odds of it suddenly taking off and doing any better is null. I mean someone said their player base is literally asking for cataclysm so give it to them.


On the other hand - it isolates most of the bots and cheaters to a separate server.


What?.. Uh, will we be getting a commemorative skin to mark this occasion?

I know we will merge with the serenity players in china once they ( up grade )catch up with all the rest of us on tranquility in the future , maybe 20…
8)…8() A thought … can we both meet through a giant wormhole some were in gemini . with gifts of bpc’s , ships , upwells,fireworks , to welcome our new friends to the new culture we already have.

I wish it was that simple but it isn’t anything we can do as player or ccp can do why people do RMT the only ccp and we can do report botter and hope ccp does something about the botters I see a lot of stats this many botter been banned from game but I see more and more around

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I realize out of game RMT is a something hard to combat, but here is a thought on how to combat boting.- Just Follow The Money (or Isk in this case). Segregate people into groups (individual, Corp, on at same time, whatever makes sense) and determine how fast they make ISK.

We have two Datum to follow, How Rich they are and How Fast they make ISK. Obviously there has to be a point at which they make Isk faster than “Normal”. Normal being a variable that is calculated for each Person/Situation/etc.

You don’t have to even do these calculations for everyone in the game. You start with the entity who has the most Isk and/or the Higher Isk Rate and work down.

This is not a fully fleshed out Concept and there are many details to be worked out. The final result may not look like anything envisioned now, but that’s the basic concept. Now CCP could use this internally (or may be using it already), however I have a better idea (or at least in addition that.)

The data calculated above could be made available to the player base in some sort of rating system. They can use the data to determine who is deserving of their attentions, lol. This could be something similar to bounty hunting, or more appropriately Head Hunting. You not only have to work to make the ISK but you now have to Work to Keep Making It. We all hate rich people right? and want to tear them down right? Stick it to the man.

I can hear all the pilots out there just rushing to tear the idea down, I bet most of them are rich guys/groups. But before you do - Give it some thought… I would also point out that if its properly done then there is a good chance that Bot’ers and RMT guys would float to the top of the list. (again remember your not rated on IF u make lots of Isk, but if you make it faster than “Normal”) - or-we could go without that and go guns a blazing.

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The saga continues: Dev blog: The Next Step For EVE China - Publishing With NetEase!

OMG… truth on official forum? It something new here :глаза:
Anyone - like you post :+1:

My corp joined a Chinese alliance (Fraternity). Periodically, we get emails and alliance channel posts about corps or individual players that have been caught and dropped for botting. Sometimes it includes a description of how the botting was spotted. Maybe CCP should develop a guide on how to spot botting and provide it as a feature in the corp section of the Neocom? Have the corps and alliances get in on helping to police the botting?


Dont Know where you came up with that logic. Free to play isn’t bad for eve. Skill injectors and everyone fly end game ships to mine/rat their ass off is whats killing eve. Supers ratting brings in stupid amounts of isk and rorq mining is the broken other half. This doesnt have anything to do with free to play. Skill injectors is what caused this.

If people were able to vote them not goons to the CSM

I mean, 2 years for them to figure out their current business model has problems with the Chinese market and they just let the game freeze for 2 years? Without ever saying anything until Tiancity’s term ended? Glad they come up with Project Galaxy anyway.

I heard players on serenity suicided hundreds of supers and biomass ed their chars in protest in 4DQ.