Dev blog: Welcome To The Warzone - A Guest Blog From The EVE Valkyrie Team


(Nora Maldoran) #44

Always interesting to see why people like something or don’t.
Personally I don’t care too much if a game taking place in space has unrealistic physics. You made me think why that is and I guess it’s because I most likely never will experience how it really would be. I have no experience if hiw it would be aside from movies (‘Gravity’ anyone?) - and those surely are not the best sources to relate to, lol.
So I leave this issue to the developers, to their and my imagination and just enjoy a fictional computer game.
If the fact that something is unrealistic takes away the fun for you that much that you don’t want to play it anymore is sad, but also not by problem.

(Ben Ishikela) #45

i wont play until this game has a market.

(MidnightWyvern) #46

Oh well.

(bbb2020) #47

I’ll just leave this here.

Casual Saturday: EVE Valkyrie: Warzone by The Mighty Jingles

(Ms Michigan) #48

Right! Same here. Where is a good game that supports joystick!

(Ms Michigan) #49

Crickets? “Devs! oh Devs!?”

(Ms Michigan) #50

Let one of your EVE mates from America know and he will buy it and ship it to ya.

(Rammix) #51

As I see EVE Valkyrie is made with Unreal Engine 4 which supports Linux. Does it mean that I may hope to see Valkyrie ported to Linux (steamOS)?

(You Said) #52

Does it have ANY overlap with EVE Online at all? Like can I get something ingame in Eve: Valkyrie and sell it at Jita?

(Wander Prian) #53

No connection beyond both using the same backstory. CCP learned from Dust to make s good game first and then think about if they want to connect it to Eve