Dev Tip: Use Greed

I noticed bots are back, so it took a few days to rescript for dscan.

Remove Asset Safety in null.

The Wolves will eat the Sheep

And balance will be restored to the universe!

The D- scan bots were ruining before the change. They were being developed when local being removed was first being whispered about. They are just starting to brig widely distributed.

But yeah asset security never should have been added. Not to null at least

That proves local change didn’t hit the botters hard but just the casual player as usual. Same will be with Alfa drone skills and vni

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I think if you remove asset safety from null you would def see a lot of people leave the game.

We had essentially the same thing for over a decade and no one left. If you got ousted out of a station 8/10 times you didn’t get your ■■■■ back and if you were lucky you made maybe 10% back on the isk value in a fire sale


didn’t really effect the casual player either beyond the first weekend most went back to business as usually with a few minor changes except a few blokes who still have their heads in the sand and haven’t actually undocked to take stock

Time to use the d-scan immune ships a lot more.

yeah… all what? four of them

When the first blown up station disgorged 1000s of containers of loot, a lot more would sign up :skull_and_crossbones:

Also the people quitting from null pay for their accounts with plex they buy with isk. When they leave demand on plex goes down, a good thing and supply of materials goes down, also a good thing.

I count 20, including covops, T3C and Blops.

Covops and t3c are not immune to d- scan and blops can’t even covert cloak. Or did you forget how few their actually were when you made that post and are now just trying to shift the goal post.

No. These are all ships that are made to cloak.
I could add the Expedition frigs and the yacht as well.
Can’t Dscan what you can’t decloak.

Bend it like Beckham :wink:

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Um you really don’t understand the bonuses do you. Any ship uses a cloak just as well as a black ops when it comes to this not to mention even with a covert ops you have to break cloak to cloak in the first place. So no only 4 ships are giving you D- scan immunity

That is wrong. Your assets were perfectly safe in the outposts. They would never get destroyed and you could just reconquer the outposts at a later date or get someone in the new holder group to either move the things for you to low sec or get someone in yourself and move the things. Assets were never destroyed in these outposts. Stop misrepresenting the reality.

… yeah like I said 8/10 times you didn’t get your ■■■■ back you maybe got some REALY important stuff out if you could be bothered and you had connections but that was it. or if your group happened to retake an out posed you had stuff in two years ago.

either way. Null security space should you know have no security. at least nothing not being enforced by a player. Good enough for WH good enough for null

And what that leads to is blatantly evident: Nothing going on. More huge blocks blocking themselves from action. More people joining them, amplifying these issues. And W-space is a deserted wasteland.

or just prevent items that are put to asset safety in null, from leaving the system.
Want your items back ? put a structure in the system and you’ll get your items in it.

Even if you didn’t want to take the years it usually took for the natural progression of eve placing you back where your long lost belongings were, you always had the option of fire selling them from the outpost they were stuck in.

Now if you want to get rid of anything about asset safety it really should be our ability to place things into asset safety ourselves. I’m sorry, unless the structure dies your ■■■■ should be stuck or moved out the old fashion way. None of this sending your own stuff into asset safety for a small fee.

Asset safety on destruction in null really does have to stay, though I’d be perfectly happy with it requiring you to anchor a structure in the system again to get it back. But in no ways should it be dropped/lost to you forever, this isn’t WH space, it’s null. WH was basically a failed experiment, I don’t see the logic behind taking aspects of it and coping them to null and expecting different results in the long run.

Source ?

yeah the section of space whos player base time and time again defends it to the end as the best part of eve and tends to have the fewest complaints… some failed experiment.