Devblog: EVE Online: Invasion - Coming May 28th!

Outside of highsec, there’s no such thing as an important gate. Just reroute the jump freighters.

If they shut down Niarja (which they have surveyed), that’ll impact… the poorest haulers. The big freight services will spike their prices a little to reflect needing to move jump freighters into the mix, but not much. Take Jita-4-4 out. RF the Tranquility Tower. RF staging Keeps. Make us actually have to fight for our lives.

If we can get away with ignoring it, most of us… will.


Honestly, that’s a bigger issue with EVE as a whole. Logistics have little to no counter-play.
If trigs can do things like take control of a system and limit the capabilities of cynos/JDs and camp gates, that’s a different story.
But you shouldn’t disregard the fact that constantly having to undock titans for a bridge and setting up ansiblex’s everywhere is absolutely a pain in the ass, expensive, and risky. If trigs can completely lock down an area in null and low, there’s a good chance you can’t just ignore it.


It’s not even just logistics, though. The game is stagnant. And I know everyone loves to blame that on the big blocs, but that ain’t the issue. The issue is that the landscape itself is a gestalt, at this point. The empires don’t change. The drifters show up, kill an empress, launch a whole freakin’ campaign that craters 2 weeks later because :ccp: and then… nothing changes. FW is contained in its nice little arenas, and no matter where the ball is on the field… life inside the arena doesn’t impact life outside the arena any more than it would during a rugby match. (Less even, cuz the only fans of the game going on are on the field. Nobody’s watching on TV.)

Citadel spam has the rest of lowsec more or less inert. The combination of citadel spam, entosis mechanics, and the new ‘3 jammers in every system’ stuff means that sure, we can send fleets all across the map again in minutes (Delve to Tribute? 14 gates now, no fatigue!) but actually waging a war? Actually trying to take sov? Yeah, that’ll only really work if the guys you’re taking it from are tiny, completely incompetent, or already hollowed out from inactivity and/or low morale.

Otherwise? Nothing’s moving.

It really isn’t. Hell, I want them to drop a bajillion ships on us. Give us something for these bored titan pilots to BFG. After that… they’ll go back to being bored.


Get lost 1 guy in a big ship doesn’t mean ‘I win’ . Go cry in a corner and accept you’re a bad player getting dragged around like a dog on a leash for what you call ‘fights’


I like it. There’ll be a rise by Q4. Many thanks. :sunglasses:

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Users as a whole are at fault, and CCP for caving to their demands and replacing spaghetti code outposts with structures. Users are at fault for demanding everything should be destructible. CCP complied with that demand and gave us structures. They anchored capsuleers to certain areas way more than ever before. In the past, people could just decide on a whim – and they did – to move to a different region to mix things up because all they lost were Ihubs. The outposts would still be there when you decided to come back a few years later. These days, you would have to destroy hundreds of billions in rigs when you move out. That’s why sov and EVE as a whole feels so stagnant.
Another reason, which is also related to structures, is the massive proliferation of super capitals and titans. Structures allowed capsuleers to build these in unprecedented numbers and every time something happens, these ships suffocate any budding content at the roots. When CFC attacked CO2 in Fade, the best fights were always those when the jammers were preventing the use of the supers. There were a couple of sub cap battleship fights that were really enjoyable, and as soon as the jammers fell and supers could enter the field everything was over.

Those are the biggest reasons why EVE feels stagnant.


That’s a thing CCP put out there as a goal years ago, though. The players are players. By their very nature, they’re going to be more narrowly-focused on their own stuff, they’re going to have a limited perspective. That’s what players do: they see the game they play, and the game they want. They look at what benefits them, and they work within the rules that govern their gameplay to try to get that benefit. They play the game.

CCP, on the other hand? Having the big picture in mind is their responsibility. That’s the gig, you know? They’re the ones who are supposed to know how each piece fits together, how the whole mess is supposed to work, top-down and bottom-up. And they don’t. If they did, then we wouldn’t be in a position where they propose changes, and then we, the players, tell them all the ways it’s going to go badly… only to have them ignore us, and watch it unfold exactly the way we said it would.

Nonsense. It feels stagnant because attacking is a fool’s game in the first place. Things are skewed too far toward the defender. Citadels allow defenders to have a huge number of defensible hardpoints where their fleets can regroup. Navigation structures being within the weapons’ range of cits makes them easier to defend than they would have been on a POS, too, and the ability to bounce around without fatigue means that all of that mobility that got limited when jump fatigue went in? It’s back.

Given a decent jump bridge plan, you can get around any kind of camp and retain complete freedom of movement to get into an advantageous position. And the attacker can’t. They can’t even really move around with a cyno and jumping/bridging, because everything’s easy to jam. Want to attack 1 system? You need to control access in and out of the entire constellation… and with jump gates, you won’t. It’s not just a matter of ‘oh but it’s just the same as the old jump bridges’, either. Sure, both let battleship fleets come in, or whatever, but that’s not where the real shift in balance comes in.

The real shift in balance comes from the ability for defenders to meet attacking subcap fleets with capitals. Did you take down all 3 jammers in this system? No? Well, you can’t bring in dreads to counter them, but that jumpgate sure does let the defenders bring in a hundred carriers, don’t it?

TEST just tried prosecuting an offensive war. Vily spoke about how that went at some length on the meta show this past weekend. The confluence of multiple jammers + ansiblex that let defensive caps saunter on in while offensive caps can’t just skews things even farther toward defense. You want to talk about ‘oh, the best fights were when the jammers were up’ and say things were ‘over’ when the jammers fell, let’s keep in mind that the jammers only fell when the IHUBS died. Don’t kill the IHUB, another jammer’ll be online in short order. And that was when you could only have 1 in each system. Now there are 2 back-ups all ready to flip a switch and turn on.

Literally the only reason the largest bloc in the game was able to prosecute an offensive war was because a few hundred pilots spent 8 months grinding down the defenders’ willingness to fight. The north lost before the 6RCQ keepstar even anchored. It lost when the biggest group: Pandemic Horde, got so frustrated and fed up with things that they evacuated Pure Blind in February. And it still wasn’t anything that could be capitalized on until late August.

Without that kind of collapse in defending morale and willingness to fleet up, it doesn’t happen. And I don’t think it happens for any smaller group trying to do it, either. xDeath had exactly that same hollowed-out, no real fighting strength thing happen when they got kicked out. Provibloc’s been a paper tiger for years. And when PanFam + FRT & co went after TEST, they got… no-where.

That’s the mechanics doing that. That’s the way the game is balanced right now: the defender’s pretty much guaranteed a win, if they actually defend. And that’s why it feels stagnant: because it is.

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And that’s CCP again giving in to the demands of the users because they demanded to feel more “at home and in controll of their space”. And despite knowing what would happen, CCP gave in to these demands.

Yes, sov is skewed towards the defender and yes, structures amplify that by a lot. What you describe is another very big reason why people stay where they are.

what’s this? Triglavians joining the war against test/ using abysal entosis link? sounds good!


will triglavians finally spill into the k-space to reduce prices of precursor ammo and ships?


This expansions sounds very interesting. Will we also finally get new login-screen music after years of the current tune? It’s nice, but I’d really appreciate a new tune, or at least the option to select from songs in the past which are also very nice.

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So the usual struggle is, between players who are actually alive and caring and will have fun doing something about it versus the usual mindless “muh ISK” spergs and bots.

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Who are you going to play with after two months of that?

Everyone else who’s not a coward, self entitled whiny bitch or a worthless, bottom-feeding farmer?

My CEO and me already talked about it, we’re going mining in these systems.
Why the ■■■■ should we not? It’s a ■■■■■■■ game and we’re playing it!


I agree but, unfortunately, a chars race no longer has any meaning beyond character creator looks.

Along with it being Invasion instead of Incursion, I’m confident that won’t be the case. I’m fully expecting the Trigs to come in and stick around - disrupting services and the systems themselves, and tearing down player structures. (remember the Drifters teasing that exactly in Semiki?)

This is gonna be something on a far broader scale than regular incursions, I’m fully confident about that~


I wish I could be.

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Tell that to the RolePlayers.




I love the idea of new Triglavians ship.
Is there any plan Triglavians ship available for Alpha clones?

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