Devblog: EVE Online: Invasion - The Agency 3.0!

I wont use that pile of ■■■■ but to see the escalations. Where is the star map showing the escatarios? I will keep exploring by now, let see…

This is another tree in the forest of the degradation of the best game of the genere ever. some people do not see the forest, or are so used to ignore it that do not care.

Most of the players here hate the change of the egency, but we are not so angry only for this nonsense, but for the acumulation of nonsense decissions CCP has taken the last few years.

We want the sandbox back


Visually, it looks pretty, but that’s about it.

Functionality-wise, it’s a step back.

I liked the map that was attached to the previous version of the Agency, because that map not only showed me my position, but also where I wanted to go, and I could instantly set a waypoint to my destination and then it would show me my route.

That meant fewer clicks and no need to bring up the main Map in order to plot out a route.

Now, that feature is gone. I now have to open the Agency, check and set the destination, THEN open the Map to see the route. Then if I need to make a change, I need remove the destination, close the map, THEN bring the Agency back up into my view and start the process all over again.

It’s more clicks to do what I used to do…and this annoys the hell out of me.

I find this current version of the Agency to be less efficient than its predecessor.


Moving the Start Conversation button away from the agent card and not allowing you to right click the agent to start a conversation is another great example of how bad CCP is at UI development.

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Because all the informations should have been available from map directly, like it is in google maps for example, with filters, and the map situation in EVE is undetermined as for few years, since they decided to overhaul it and then abandon, pursuing something different that was probably some devs way of saying, “we are important too, just watch me program stuff” then leaving it after its “finished” and saying they will iterate, but they dont (well, maybe after 5 years or so), like with almost everything they touch in EVE. :crazy_face:

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Why can I not use “Show On Map” in the agency on the top category of an Invasion? I want to right click on the top category (the system list after I click on the humongously huge Trig Invasion crap card) and want the map to show me all the systems with that trig invasion.

And why is CCP still curating agent finder results against my will? You are still omitting agents just in favor of showing other agents on the bottom end of the cluster.


My wish would be to allow it to be reduced to just the last box on the screen. I don’t have unlimited screen real estate and its minimum size open is too large for me, so I have to minimize it and then open, then minimize and open. Allowing it to be just the box with the list of locations in it for the system would make my day.


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You can easily see when ice belts spawn,
You will know when a NEW belt is up - Fresh Ice - I guess you don’t need that Friend Ship anymore.

Close that Gallente Ice Channel and watch for spawns … It’s why CCP has designed the Agency for you.

A lot of the time probes are not needed:
I wish they would revert it back to when there were fewer anomalies. Change all these warp-able green combat sites/ore belts etc. back to red scan-able sigs.

Can you imagine the programming involved to make a bot leave a station, drop probes and scan a system down before ratting? (the scanning system relies on visual feedback)

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Given that Relic and Data site probing and hacking bots already exist and are fairly commonplace in nullsec, I imagine it to be very little work, to be honest.

You really don’t get it. Ice belts are anomalies and all anomalies in Agency are unknown until you get at least within 1j range. Maybe you’ve never mined so you don’t know there’s more of different types of ore anomalies too? And absolutely have fun staring at the Agency for even hours to pick something new and unknown in some system on the list. As if it’s the only thing to look at in this game. Since timers aren’t included in it.

Meanwhile Gallente Ice Channel updates their list, you take a glance and look at whatever, for the rest of the time you need to wait for respawn.

You are prime example of whiners in this thread not making sense at all.

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Ice just spawned in Osmon


the Agency 3.0 is great … thanks guys!!


Hi all,

I played Eve a few of years ago and one of my activities was exploration (relic and data sites).

I quit playing due to sone personal reasons and recently I began to think about returning. So I logged back in and my initial thought was: „oh the new Agency is looking great“. However it seems that it has a lot of issues.
Probably all of these are mentioned already, but since I loved exploration I wanted to underline how much I dislike the changes to that, too!
It has already been discussed a lot in this threat, but it has taken the fun from exploration! It is now only hacking, without exploration at all.

Additionally I don‘t think this is going to help new players at all, since it is lacking all the basic information new players really require. You can find these at the Eve University for example :wink:

Now I am not so sure, if I really want to return. Lets see and wait how it is going to progress from here.

Fly safe though! O7


Welcome back and I hope you decide to stay.

If anything at least to keep your character training skills.

I would like the Agency to remember if we:

  1. Delete an anomaly in a system, to remember our choice and keep it deleted as we crisscross a region or dock up.
  2. Update in a timely manner so that if it shows an anomaly or 2 ( or more), they are not gone if you jump in 1 minute later (and no one else in system).
  3. Anomolies discovered during travel and thereby identified by being in system or adjacent system, should remain identified even when the pilot is then located in a non adjacent system at a later time. Example, while traveling I come across a Den, but need to complete mission 2 jumps away. After completing mission, the Den should then remain up and identified in the Agency as long as no one else has run it, despite the pilot now being in a non adjacent system.

how bout you stop with the shitty artist designed features, none of it is useable look at the ■■■■ stain that is your “new map”

go back to old systems, old chat worked better performance wise, old exploration system + journal window was better, old map was better
i dont care what it looks like if its useable, none of the ■■■■ your "devs " come up with is useable its just “looks pretty” and that subjective so…


A little bit harsh but I agree.

CCP Dev’s need to stop redoing stuff that works fine. Their attempt to make things more shiny results in them having less function.


At first glance that’s inconsistent indeed.

But there is a difference between a gate and a system. In the agency you’re rightclicking a system and in your other screenshot you’re rightclicking a gate to a system. If you were to open the system from your people&places tab, I guess you would get the same rightclick menu as the one you get in the agency.

I’m not logged in right now to test it, but I would say it’s consistent. After all, you cannot warp to Within 0 to a ‘system’.