Devblog: Interim Statement on Brisc Rubal Follow-up Investigation


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In America - we are taught you are innocent until proven guilty. The reality is actually here and abroad that you are guilty until innocent! Innocent people are not in court LOL

Release the Rubal report. By the way I appreciate this transparency. I liked Brisc and whether he did it or not, I thought this was a shitty way to get rid of him. Unprofessional on CCP’s part.


Cart before horse.

I don’t think there’s been much of an uproar to un-ban anyone or ‘reneging on your procedures, practices and principles’ either. It’s more people just wondering what has happened.


Nah, they will be sent to work camp - they will be mining ore in a fricking corvette… till they mine 10B isk worth of it :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope they attempt to avoid a repeat of a situation like this again and attempt to keep real life names from hitting the press…they havnt done this in bannings before since the mittani…and that felt like an attack as well.

citation needed

CCP itself only used ingame names in their communication afaik. And if a player connects his ig with the RL persona on their own, it makes him or her not immune for bans (if now justified or not).

Well this makes the people from the previous thread that said CCP never acts without complete evidence look rather silly doesn’t it.


I will have much respect for CCP for reviewing this situation and if you have made a mistake then admitting you have done so.



color me surprised.


Unfortunately, regardless of the outcome, the only thing that will emerge from this affair will be a large question mark over the integrity of the CSM.
That’s a dark day for all of us, no matter which side of the argument you are on.
In the CSM, we have a unique vehicle for direct and meaningful interaction with the game devs for a game we are all passionate about.
Next year’s candidates, please bear this in mind.

There is no point of a CSM if they aren’t discussing sensitive data.


CCP should just replace most of the functions of CSM with direct voting from omega accounts. No need to have a representative democracy when most of the population of the game is informed about most of the mechanics. Plus i’m sure they could get some nice publicity for being the first “democratic game” - just a headline obviously, it wont be purely democratic.


Integrity and CSM do not go together. There have been way to many ‘incidents’ involving what really can only be explained as insider knowledge and trading.

As far as Brisc is concerned he has a right to be heard IN CHARACTER and IN GAME. That he choose to take this into RL and basically try and force CCP to do the same (which they thankfully did not do) should be reason enough to keep him out even if the events leading up to his ban are proven to be incorrectly applied.

The damage and fallout to the reputation of the game and CCP in this without them really able to counter is simply not acceptable IMO.

As far as CSM goes, it is an instrument of Nullsec and Goons with no regard for the game itself, the population in general or what may be good for others. CSM is a failed experiment and frankly not even the PR tool it was likely to be intended to be intitially.

CSM should not be a tool to scheme and plot in game events. the fact this has occured numerous times over the past years is reason enough to scrap it at least in it’s current form.


Now this is what I call a space opera.


As I have previously stated, I’ve had a hard time reconciling that the same group who held opsec for an entire year prior to the Fort Knocks campaign were also unable to do so with some simple (accused) market insider trading. I also thought that as Dopamine’s first big community kerfluffle, he might be less than experienced in certain aspects of EVE, aspects which may originate in more than one plausable explanation of what is being observed. The lack of a experienced Community Relations group was also evident.

The final judgment is still yet to be made, but I think we can all agree that improvements need to be made to correct observed problems in both clarity,amount of information shared, and codified procedures established to make this and all future incidences less confusing,upsetting, and more even handed. Everyone here has erred in the past; the best of us have learned to apologize, make ammends, and try not to repeat it in the future. This is true for both players and CCP. I welcome this devblog and look forward to a more detailed explanation and “final” ruling in the weeks ahead, either way it goes.


Have CCP seriously bottled it?

Or did Dopamine screw up bigtime?

Either way CCP could have some serious trust issues with the player base in the future.

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The mistake was CCP not verifying evidence first before enacting a ban and publicly announcing it in a Dev Blog.

This statement from the current Dev Blog is a bit disconcerting:

We have also been conducting an internal review to substantiate the evidence available to us and evaluate our handling of the situation.

You’d think that would have been done first, if so they definitely wouldn’t be going through this situation right now.

If CCP did act in haste and made an error publicly with a bad judgement-call, I certainly hope that CCP as a company is good about admitting it and making reparations.

This whole thing reminds me of a ‘Peyton Place’ soap opera airing on prime-time TV.

Anyway, so much for CCP’s press release…


CCP should have done a proper investigation before committing a possible crime against someone in real life.

I saw this coming. See, they banned an attorney with no due process. Here’s a real life law in the United States:

28 U.S. Code § 4101.Definitions

In this chapter:


The term “defamation” means any action or other proceeding for defamation, libel, slander, or similar claim alleging that forms of speech are false, have caused damage to reputation or emotional distress, have presented any person in a false light, or have resulted in criticism, dishonor, or condemnation of any person.

When I saw CCP advertising a ban of this attorney on their launcher I was 100% sure that they would be sued for it. What has probably happened is that CCP has received the first course of action, a cease and desist from the victim.

I hope that my fellow American citizen doesn’t have to consume many resources of the courts (for which CCP will have to pay him back).

The good thing about this is now CCP will have to seek legal council before they do something stupid like this in the future. It will likely cost them millions in legal defense. The staff that violated US Federal law should be terminated.


This is what happens when you don’t have a qualified community manager.


Hate going Texas Lawyer with you, but both Brisc’s past videos and even making a public statement himself (TiS) that he is a “public figure” changes the rules significantly.


Here was nothing. You have to comb through Icelandic law.

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