Devblog: Interim Statement on Brisc Rubal Follow-up Investigation

If the whole game is built about scams, robbing & so on - one more, one less, who cares… From my, as relatively new player point of view - just one more… Not worth to make al this bla, bla, bla, Im sorry to say that… Ratting ships nerf is a prob, not this…


So because WoW is built around killing things, it’s totally cool for one player to go beat the crap out of another? Or for Blizzard to claim someone did?

Things that are not in-game are not in-game.

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Arrendis, that`s exactly how it works and intended, same, like scams and robbery in eve… Ganking in wow is pretty same like Code does in Urlen / Jita…

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We can’t rush this. cross the T’s and dot the I’s, double check, triple check, quadruple check everything.

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Your Alliance was first which cross that border, now suck it …
What goes around, come around :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Right, but that’s in-game.

What’s being accused here is as ‘in-game’ as ‘Bob plays Alliance. Walter plays Horde. So Bob went over to Walter’s house and beat him with a pipe wrench.’

Things that are not in-game are not in-game, and it’s not ok to publicly accuse someone of RL crap if they didn’t do it.

btw, @BDVannessa_LSG—Thanks for demonstrating my point about confirmation bias.

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We intend to share a full follow-up statement next week.

Time is running out. Friday Release so it doesn’t get as much traction in the weekly news cycle like the original monday devblog release?

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it’s out.

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Damn, I called it even down to the release time on the announcement. Looks like Arrendis and a some others had the scenario pretty well scoped out. Welcome back the INIT 3!!



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But the prices aren’t twice as much, I know, I’ve been twice.

It all depends on where you drink, nothing else.

then it was


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sorry couldnt resist :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheapest beer I’ve had in Iceland was 600 isk for a pint.

Now, it wasn’t a bad beer. Just a bog standard one.

At current conversion rates, that’s around $4.90. During happy hour.

In Glasgow, I can get a pint for £2.50 (that pub doesn’t do happy hour. Ones which do tend to be more expensive at other times, maybe dipping to that price) That’s around $3.22

Sure, it’s not double in Iceland. But you’re still paying a goodly amount. And if you’re not drinking at happy hour, expect the prices to rise above 1000 isk.

Then there’s the food. a 12 inch sub (from Nonni’s) will set you back maybe 1700 isk. That’s around $14



who would have thought eh :stuck_out_tongue:


And why? Because he is a politician? In a normal situation nobody would know what person is Brisc in the real world. We know it only, because he forced us to know it who is he.

You did this hissy when CCP teleported capitals to kill them, and declared they are bots? 'Cause you know, those broke an agreement too. The EULA for example. What was the different? Especially now, when they finally said he is innocent? They could be also innocent. Or all of those are non important, because they are not lawyers?

I’ve bought it with a credit card too :wink:

(yes, Icelandic Krona :smiley: Often known as ISK. Because Iceland is Ísland in Icelandic. It’s not the official currency symbol for it though.)

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I tended to stick to the old harbour area near the irish pub and there was an ale house just round the corner that had some great cheap food and real and craft ales at 2 for 1 for about 6 hours a day.

I think the dearest place I went to was the place at the side of CCP’s offices with the micro brewery.

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What an unholy mess. I wonder how many other innocents have been permanently banned in the past but not had the the exposure and clout to get a fair hearing.

I’m frankly shocked. I really thought CCP did all the checking before taking big decisions like this. I feel a bit naive tbh

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