Devblog: Introducing The Activity Tracker


(Vixen Vix) #186

@CCP_Psych how can I achieve Tech 2 copies?

(Black Pedro) #187

I guess get your hands on one of the T2 BPOs.

(CCP Psych) #188

Use a Tech II copy original to make a copy.

(Tonto Auri) #189

Sounds like feat of strength…

(NotTheSmartestCookie) #190

Whelp, the activity tracker isn’t picking up research agent missions. You can run them daily for almost no gains whatsoever, so I only do them when picking up my datacores every 2-3 years.

(Jeremiah Saken) #191

Can we have “system I’ve visited” from map merged, at least? This one is truly an achievement, rest of tracker are just arbitrary numbers to collect.

(Litsea Reticulata) #192

Why are T2 originals still in the game?

Is it such a big deal to set all the T2 BPO’s to convert to a BPC of equal me/te, slap on 100 runs and say “Hey, you guys got a good run, now its over, sorry, time to do inventions like the rest of us” or is the threat of discontent on non-ccp forum threads like reddit going to cause that much of a backlash?

(Creetalor) #193

Still feels a waste ship skin rewards would still be nice if the nodes are maxed to V so one can actually show it off or get something.
Maybe skins that have a V that is for the ship most used for that activity.

(Jeremiah Saken) #194

Tracker reseted with new beta launcher.

(Chan'aar) #195

Yup same here and it doesn’t count anything I do. Level 0, at everything sorry but this is totally :psyccp:

(Buoytender Bob) #196

Yup made a long series of jumps through LS and gate camps and got zero credit; thank goodness I don’t use this feature much.

(Dread Saboteur) #197

An activity tracker should be the most resilient bug proof feature if you want it to become a thing players can boast about as far as achievements.

I think the tracker came 16 years too late to the game and it doesn’t even work.

(Pepe LaPhroaig) #198

What are you talking about? All im missing is a stat on how much time i spent looking at my Activity tracker.

(CCP Deadlift) #199

This issue was fixed.
In the event of such an occurrence, your data in the Activity Tracker is still being tracked and stored, its simply not making its way all the way to your client, where it updates the UI. So dont worry, no data is lost :slight_smile: