Devblog: Invasion Tournament Series

so it isn’t a fanfest, check

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I don’t see how this would be a hindrance to anyone but the given user who has to setup hotkeys within the 10 minute preptime.

There are tools out there that can literally reset the settings to default in <1minute

Or if you are just using the actual games default setting, how hard would it be to just delete to config so it resets itself automatically like it already does?..

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dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb…

It’s not 10 minute prep time, it’s 10 minutes for each match total, including set up. But good points regardless, we can look into precise implementation.


I must have missread the timing on things then and I appologize for that.

Am happy you thing its something that should be looked into.

Another option could be to allow all signups pre register a config / overview minimum 24hrs before the tournament.

Then on tournament day, tournament managers have a usb key with all the respective configs in respective folders (to keep them seperate :slight_smile: ).

so just between matches just apply the given config taking like <5minutes to copy paste and then everyone gets to play the game with their prefered settings.

The big reason why I want this is that I know several Tournament veterans, and rather famous players whom are literally not gonna bother with this tournament if they cannot use their general settings & hotkeys.

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For the player run tournaments will you be allowing access to thunderdome and the tournament tools ?

I totally agree, the DEFAULT configs in the client are not suitable for performance PVP. Plus the shortcuts are MUST HAVE in this format

When your ability to win relies on factors that aren’t you, then you’re not a winner…


@CCP_Guard @CCP_Falcon @CCP_Dopamine

just one question … sorry this is a unclear point to me:

need to bring my own PC/Notebook and rest the settings to default
you have PCs/Notebooks players login and play with the default settings

thanks and cool idea!!


Yes I too want all professional runners using swimming flippers to all be equally handicapped

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It still stands that, when your ability to win relys on factors that aren’t you, you’re not a winner.

You’re saying it yourself, here:

It also means that, with the same functionality for everyone, those you claim to be “better” aren’t better anymore.


What an incredibly small minded perspective. As clearly demonstrated on the eve subreddit as recently as a month ago not every player is fully able bodied yet they still enjoy the same game as we do. Microsoft hit on this perfectly with the ‘We all win’ promotion during the Super bowl yet rigid rules or inflexible viewpoints like this completely ignore an entire group of people, for what, to sound well organised? to sound clever in an internet debate?


All gambling and contests are bad in Eve Online…unless CCP does it :japanese_ogre::japanese_goblin:.

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There’s nothing to say the “default” for the Tournament needs to be the default settings in the client. And we can look at allowing some modification. The time constraints for a tournament like this are real though so streamlining will remain the top priority. But we can look into it.

That is the plan that we’re working towards.

We will be providing equipment and accounts used during the tournament :slight_smile:

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THX for the info!!

Then wouldn’t it be super easy to just have a copy of the “base” setup config saved else where on the equipment that you’re providing, and let players do w/e they want, and then just replace the edited config between each match, this can’t possibly take more than a few seconds per computer.

I really want to play in this tournament, but I don’t see my self bothering with it unless hotkeys & overview settings can be tweaked, since thats a large part of how I and many others play.

This seems like a huge waste of time and effort. Tiny player pool due to having to physically be there, huge limitations on UI and hotkeys, no real prep time, etc. This is going to be so non-competitive I’m not sure it’s even remotely newsworthy.

Not sure if I’m reading this right, but will each team be responsible for submitting fits that want to use? Or that 48 hour window is where fits will be posted for teams to see what they will be using? I.e. prefitted ships.

If so, that’s slightly disappointing (though I understand that), because there are lots of ways to fit out a ship. For example, the Brutix can be fit in every tanking configuration and is flown very different for each config.

Might take some surprise and strategy out.

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