Devblog - New Year Security Update!


(Nana Skalski) #21

At last more police skins!
That made me find something from old times.

I made that for someone in da police.

(Salt Foambreaker) #22

Love the police skins!!

(CCP Falcon) #23

Only if you’re the CEO.

:heart: :wink: :heart:

(Nana Skalski) #24

Also this.

(Querns) #25

Man, that’d be a brutal thing to do to all those renter overlords!

(Bones Outten) #26

I for one used to take many noobs out in T1 ships with T1 weapons to lv4 security missions to get them interested/trained in fleet combat. Not sure blocking Alpha’s from this is a good idea, unless blocking their account from personally accessing lv3/4’s yet able to gate in with another fleet. I thought the aim of Alpha accounts was to get people interested in Eve.

I personally agree with above: that courier missions are a waste of time & isk reward & require little to no active gameplay, except undock/[warp/jump]+/dock :S maybe I missed the point on that one :wink:

Will you ever hunt down industry bots, although much rarer than they used to be?

laugh on
Haven’t done mutaplasmids since losing a T2 Ship+POD 3bil fit :smiley:
laugh off

Alpha’s are a good idea; but as any FTP comes with it’s own risks, i.e. botting, free ganking, system swamping;
Since the Wardec Corp/Alliance changes, we’ve opened up recruitment again & had little to no interest, any-more more than 3 years ago.

Still, I am here to stay even with all the new shiny not worth a jot digital purchases & events (ooo I got an Technicolour dreamcoat) LOL
At least until Pearl Abyss, interfere with the normal account subscriptions or make it PTW.

Been here a long time & with BoB on my side intend to be ferried out of Eden in a JetCan.

Keep up the good work, ridding Eden of Bots, RMTers, improving the game (except on Linux :stuck_out_tongue:)

With regards


(Anderson Geten) #27

Right now, these explorations are in the early stages and aren’t nailed down, but may include things such as high level (level 4 and 5) courier missions, and other similar activities in New Eden.

We’d love to hear your feedback on this, so be sure to give your opinions and suggestions in the feedback thread for this blog! We want to ensure that the community helps to shape measures that will protect New Eden going forward.

@CCP_Falcon You already know what you must do to stop this.
First, remove all isk reward from any mission for alpha players, only keep the isk for epic and career agents. Keep the LP, keep the items (eg for storyline).
Then, remove all the bounties/isk gain inspace for alpha players. No more VNI alpha.

Don’t “half isk for alpha players”, it will still be an encouragement to bot.

Alpha players can still earn their life doing NS/JS relic/data exploration, killing other people, mining/gas, combat exploration in HS.

If you don’t want alpha to be bots, then don’t make them worth it.

(Old Pervert) #28

It’d need some fleshing out to prevent abuse (like intentionally getting caught) but it might make sense to target the alliances that harbour botters.

For example, if an alliance has a bot carrier ratting, deduct 30% of the total sum that bot earned from the alliance’s wallet. Mining bot, 30% of the jita value of the minerals/goo. Etc.

We all know that ALL of the powerbloc alliances have them (I say that as a member of one, who has reported one of my own in the past). And we all know that for the most part players are hesitant to report “their own people”. But it does eventually get reported. And when it does, ALL of those who aid/abet/gain from it should be penalized.

Once alliance leadership sees a real existential threat, they will work to stamp it out themselves.

(Anabella Rella) #29

I wouldn’t be so fast to want to kill off those courier missions that some are advocating. They’re still very useful to those of us who need to repair very low faction standings.

It’s mind-numbingly slow and painful but at least I was able to get off the Amarr KOS list by running bunches of courier missions for them and not damaging my Minmatar/Gallente standings by taking combat missions.

(Eww Funkie) #30

I thought I noticed a significant drop off, good job guys.

(Chan'aar) #31

I don’t think they are killing them off, just putting them behind the paywall of an Omega account.

(Anabella Rella) #32

Right and I’d have no issue with that, I was addressing the posters that were in favor of pulling the plug on courier missions altogether.

(Anderson Geten) #33

That’s completely stupid. Really. That’s so dumb I can’t find the words.

You suggestion is to give botters the possibility to impend an alliance by placing a botting-account in it and being sure it uses patterns that CCP can use to identify it as a bot.

You are saying “let’s fight fire by adding more oil”. Seriously. That’s how dumb your suggestion is.

(12 Volts) #34

Now if you can only do something about all the AFK Orca miners that would be a great feat, there no different to bot mining

(Jahar Makanen) #35

What you think being suspect after X minutes AFK ?

(Tipa Riot) #36

There are level 5 courier missions???

(Drago Shouna) #37

Just wondering something CCP Falcon.

Do you remember when Alphas were introduced there was an almost instant call for more skills in certain areas, and because of that some more skills were given to them…

So out of all those screaming for more, were any caught botting etc and banned?

(shaun 27) #38

How about giving these police skins out to people who report these bots?

Sorry but all these 1 man corps with nothing in corp description all running courier missions with ships all named 222, I have got fed up reporting them. It’s so obvious their bots because I see the same toons pretty much 24/7 at all times. Granted two days after I reported a bunch they were no longer to be seen, but I am seeing same rubbish on the other side Eve and I just can’t be bothered anymore reporting them.

No normal person would run courier missions so just get rid them instead of restricting them.

(Arrendis) #39

Now demonstrate the difference between ‘afk’ and ‘sitting at the keyboard chatting with corpmates on teamspeak while nothing happens that needs a command’.

(Jahar Makanen) #40

hehe i know… no viable option to know if someone is afk or is just watching the visual effects of the ship harvesting an asteroid while mining. … maybe a window with a captcha every 5 minutes? hehe, im kidding.