Devblog: Preparing For The Future – Retirement Of Captain’s Quarters & Twitch Integration

(Nana Skalski) #1072

Because there is not enough differentiation, its always 3 rooms, always the same ammount of time, spawns you know after some time, Gila that is rather easy but boring to fly, and nothing makes it original except rare occasion when spawn is so hard it nearly kills you.

For that reason I advocated for more exotic combinations, but not abyss space with its bubble of playable space with timer. Few warp drive disrupting towers or frigates would work too, to make it harder. Or a named battleship spawn with more dps.

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@CCP_Falcon can you please unflag my answer to @CCP_Darwin and kick whatever innominates are trolling it with flags? This is downright abuse of the flag system.

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Welcome to the worst forums ever made. Trolls who co-ordinate can delete your posts, but you can’t block people who spent 14 hours a day here derailing every thread.

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The one major change you might notice is in progress but isn’t ready to go yet. I’m not able to talk details at this time.

Can you make sure to tell us what the feature is when you do release it? Point back to this and say, “this feature is made possible by the CQ removal because ________.”? One major problem in CCP’s communication strategy is that it does not point out the history, the goal, the planed changes, and what we’re now getting. Fill in the blanks for players and things will definitely be better.

(CCP Darwin) #1076

Here’s what I was referring to in my earlier post:

CCP Falcon announced during the EVE Vegas keynote tonight that we’re planning a 64-bit client for early 2019, which will make the Eve client faster and more robust when there’s a lot going on on grid with you.

Removing CQ allowed us to remove dependencies on certain third-party software components that we couldn’t reasonably bring along to a 64-bit client. The graphics software and art teams discussed whether it would be possible to somehow update or reimplement CQ in a way that could work in a 64-bit client, but this would have been an extremely large project, and ultimately we felt that we could add more to the game by putting our effort elsewhere.

(Nevyn Auscent) #1077

A decent number of us would still love to see some form of Avatar gameplay in EVE, though I personally understand the whole need to focus on returns (however they are measured) and wanting it to have some kind of meaning to have avatars.
Have CCP considered political/lobbying interactions with the Empires/Pirate Factions happening and being based on spending time in Avatar gameplay as well as needing standing gained in ships doing missions/etc?
This could be a way to make it relevant as it makes sense that lobbying interactions would need doing in person rather than simply pressing a button to make it happen.
And could tie in with the brainstorming around getting NPC factions to do things for players at times.

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(Nana Skalski) #1080

Are there plans to hire more people to make more EVE into EVE? Especially the avatar stuff?

(Aelavaine) #1081

In other words, taking something away I liked in exchange for more of something I don’t need.

Btw what is this more? The mining ledger? The activity tracker? But well, sadly you can’t talk about it.

I guess the only hope at the moment is Pearl Abyss itself. You don’t buy a company for $425m just for funsies, to keep everything as it is. They have plans, hopefully the right ones.

(Punky260) #1082

Well, the CQ was a nice to look at thing. No actualy gameplay. So it’s natural you trade that to improve actual gameplay for a lot of players and update your technology to a modern standard instead of sticking to the old just for the sake of a feature that wasn’t developed anymore anyways.

Yes, if you make such decisions there are always a few people who ‘suffer’. But the majority didn’t use the CQ and that is where you have to look at as a developer.

I would love to see a comeback of the CQ in some way in a few years. Maybe Project Nova will offer the technology and opportunity to “easily” implement avatar gameplay. I am sure that CCP has an open eye for such possibilities.

(Nana Skalski) #1083

Nova is the supposed WiS I think. But it doesnt have customization of player avatar and no CQ also. No “chill” at all.

Dust had those station lobbys where people gathered and it had CQ. Also had vehicles like tanks. Maps were huge and impressive in their own way. There was also connection EVE-DUST in a form of planetary bombardment, for what it was worth, and common chat for both games.

Nova as presented doesnt have all those features. Only thing worth mentioning I found out is the PvE mode when 3 players fight hordes of sansha (only one faction - lamentable :disappointed:), and then get loot. This PvE feels like grind already, even by watching it. Random spawns or original bosses and random tactics could be implemented at least for those bots.

(mimi45) #1084

I’ve read a little bit of channel and I have paid particular attention to the number of watch per video, and unfortunately this integration has not made any progress in Eve’s online video footage. As the twich channel for a particular game is a significant propaganda tool, one must urgently make something to make EVE video more interesting and to seen by potential players much more.
Only then will this integration have some commercial sense.