Devblog: September Release - Wormholes And Stars Get An Update!

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Lots of nice QoL and other improvements, but I’m still really disappointed with the industrial cyno changes as given in the latest patch notes.

I had understood the goal for cyno changes being to mix things up for capital/super engagements, while leaving jump freighters mostly unaffected. If that’s still the goal (more-or-less), the current indy cyno falls well short: the upcoming changes are going to make establishing a cyno chain in null-sec massively more expensive in terms of time and ISK compared to today, and today’s cyno chains are already viewed as a PITA to establish.

EVE is still very easy to run. My wife’s $300 Dell can run it on low settings. Maybe it’s time to upgrade…

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Art departments work on those things that a game design Brain Trust gives them, in addition to things they might think up on their own (like, perhaps, making wormhole types more recognizable visually). If all we’re looking at is new art, but no appreciable mechanics changes behind them, then…thank you, art department and ;( Brain Trust.

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yeah… pretty sure I found out about ctrl+space in my first few months of playing EVE in 2013. Come on, folks… keyboard shortcuts are you friends. Learn them! Love them!

And if you don’t love them once your learn them, change them to suit your needs and wants like in Cypeace’s examples.

Why shouldn’t there be an “abort” button next to the “establishing warp vector” bar? There is no harm in having a UI counterpart to a keyboard command that crucial. Personal preferences are not universal. It’s just a harmless option you can easily ignore if you prefer the keyboard.

Besides, haven’t you ever had a cup in your left hand and a mouse under your right hand when you suddenly had to abort warp initiation a moment latter and couldn’t do it in time?


Wow! I love the new graphics, I know it’s important to develop game play but unleash your artist and let the game play catch up in it’s own time. The improvements are awesome, who ever took that job on tell them thank you. I love the new look, it makes the game so much more impact.

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I’m concerned about the brilliance of the low shader version. It’s gorgeous, but the light emitted is going to stutter a lot of graphic cards that can’t already process the high shader quality. Close-up, it makes the screen nigh on unreadable.

I think it can tone down at least 50%; I can’t imagine what a screen with less than 720p capability would make of that much light.

I’m not colorblind but even with high shader quality, I have a hard time distinguishing between blue/gray, blue/teal, gray/teal, for ship restriction coloring, depending on my monitor calibration. Gold/gray/deeper blue/deeper green perhaps? Something a little less pastel?


Where fix abyssal proving conduits???

“* The Logistics Control Array structures within the Override Transfer Array incursion site have been updated to use the hacking minigame instead of the old random chance mechanic.”

CCPLEASE! No!! No one likes that mechanic! :frowning:

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Sorry CCP, how underwhelming. I used to look forward to releases, but when I saw this on my launcher i just htought “oh, a release, nothing important in here”

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I never said there shouldn’t be, I was just joining Cypeace in extolling the virtues of ctrl+space, which clearly a lot of people (especially newbies, but maybe not entirely newbies) don’t know about.

There’s always also been a button on the HUD to stop your ship whether it’s entering warp or just slowboating/propmodding as well, it’s the little - sign next to the speedometer.

Could it stand be bigger? sure. Is how tiny it is why most of us just use ctrl+space or else assign that to an easier to hit shortcut? hell yes, that’s exactly why.

If you’re warping in dangerous situations with a cup in your hand, then you need to assign “stop ship” to a single button on your keyboard, most likely. maybe the “0” on the numpad or something. It’s nice and big and a single press.

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THE WORMHOLE SONG - you have completely ruined it by adding that god aweful hollow screaching to it. It actually hurts my ears with the frequency mid range you have chosen when running thru my JBL 305 studio monitors. I know its an Atmospheric effect cuz I have had to turn it off, but thank god i can still hear activations.

Please please please try a different sound wave or give me a slider to isolate that out. I still hear a bit of the rummbling there was before and let me be honest, that wormhole song is what led me into wormholes in the first place. But now, I can hardly stand it and I would hate to PERMA ZERO the atmosphere of this game.

Yes eve has sound.

Those graphics are amazing but it is still pretty tough to tell mass by sight on highest settings. That I dont care much about cuz ‘show info’ always anyways. The 3d-ness is kinda cool.

Yes they are, get a gud computer and GPU cheap whinyass fukkerz.



Ok, why not, i mean the new effect is like you added hairs on wh, a bit pretty but not so much and the biggest issue :

We don’t hear anymore the sound of a wh on verge or half mass. I mean you can’t make a show info on every holes to know mass. You just can’t, so we need the sound back plse, asap. :heart::slight_smile::heart: Love

I mean it is the more than famous Darth Vador sound who give you the feeling of beeing in wh space.

The sound of wh is just life.


Wormhole activation sounds for an observer are non-existant. Please tell me that was a mistake. Please re-add them back. Thank you.

activations still exists tho

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