Devblog: Update On Chat System Issues


(Hive Overmind) #261

isn’t yearly jitaburn soon? that would explain quiet chat.

(boernl) #262

well that they should put a cap ( 800 ppl in local no more input ) would be a logical thing
to bad for the jita scammers and it would reduce spam during big fleet fights so also the stress on the node

(boernl) #263

sicne in big fleet fights what mroe than broadcasts do you realy need
fleet chat is only needet for directions and that can be done when the fc just tells it and ppl set destination can also be done by broadcasts sicne commenly there is a scout present

(Le Hiunguritza) #264

7 hours till the last official response, they are laggier than the chat system

(Ember Fireheart) #265

If local chat is removed from everything, the server would not be overloaded :smiley: win win, for intel we have overview and d-scan we don’t need anything else really.

(Francis Penha) #266

Feels like a WH! The thrill of D-scan every minute and almost being killed… hahaha

(boernl) #267

@Ember_Fireheart nah not a option
that is the only thing that divides wh space from nuslec lets keep it thast way
and d scan is also not a holy tool not everything shows

(R4d1o4ct1v3) #268

Only every minute? You’re gonna get dropped, son!

(Ember Fireheart) #269

Not at all, the thing dividing nullsec and WH space is the lack of known routes and gates and ever changing links between systems, local is just an abomination making eve Soften the ■■■■ up online ^_^.

(boernl) #270

not exactly it is just that wh space has a few extra features that the ppl that live in them choose to work with
the ppl in nulsec choose not to work with those features

(Yiole Gionglao) #271

What I really love is this:

  • new chat deployed on March 2018
  • new chat breaks inmediately and keeps breaking several times a day
  • new chat is worked out on and off (vacations, holidays, et cetera) without a solution until January 2019
  • new chat is potentially declared FUBAR in late January 2019 (10 miserable months later)
  • revert to old chat system by July 2019 (Soon™ & cross your fingers)

That’s a grand total of 16 months to ensure that a core service actually works. Nevermind that the very first thing that should have been done was to ensure that the new system worked under real conditions… because, can you figure you’re a noob and the Help chat just does what all chats have been doing for 9 months and counting before CCP considers it a critical issue?

Changing the chat system is not something you try doing. Either you nail it or go home. In hindsight, probably the new chat should have been set as “beta” just in case it did what it has done… but maybe they couldn’t, or just would have been too much for the CCP we know.

(Ember Fireheart) #272

The people in null choose to have 100% safety, with their local reading script’s that send alerts to them when ever anyone roams through, sounds boring as hell to me, don’t see how that follows the whole concept of eve-online.

(boernl) #273

if you find 100% safety in nulsec please point that region out for the new bros im sure they want to go there asap :stuck_out_tongue:

(Janeway) #274

I was exploring in what I thought was a nice quiet system in 0.0. Nothing in local then all of a sudden 35 residents

appeared. Having got out of the system I now have the locals following me in local. Totally destroyed the exploration part of the game. Not good when you google the problem and realise how long this has been going on.

(boernl) #275

i have seen a lot of explorers pass by in years and years
i realy dont midn them sicne real explorers are just runnign around and trying to ninja that relic or data site

(Thematic Chaos Eto) #276

100% safety? Scripts? The intel provided in systems is not a script, it is people working together to warn their friends. And earning the isk in a safer( look at the mases of rorqual and vni kills that prove the lie of 100% safety) manner means that we have the option to buy the ships we need - to come out and chase ya around and make your life exciting in WH space - after all HK didnt kill their own keepstar…

(Dread KnightIFC) #277

I’m guessing monthly sub isn’t enough to hire some people who are competent enough to keep online a feature present from day one.

P.S. You boys realize that this isn’t CCP anymore ? It’s black dessert !

(Ember Fireheart) #278

Potatoes will find a way to die in a very safe environment, you can try justify it all you want.

(Tau Hopper) #279

Shouldn’t a message have been posted on the EVE Status account, on Twitter? Or a warning in the launcher? :thinking:

(Thematic Chaos Eto) #280

To be fair you probably came across a fleet roaming around chasing an enemy alliance, or heading to play with rorquals - if you get followed by them - unless you are live steaming and looking for content like that, fleets don’t give a ■■■■ who you are once they know you arent carrying cyno’s and don’t flatter yourself - unless you are in a massively blingy ship - or have spent your time terrorsing members of their alliance, then you just aren’t that important…