Devblog: Update On Chat System Issues


(Elassus Herron) #281

One quibble, though, in fairness to CCP: there’s no way to simulate real-world loads on a system. You simply can’t test having 30-50k people all using a chat system simultaneously, because real-world people behave unpredictably.

I do think the chat client is a mess, but a lot of it is limitations of the technology itself. Like almost everything about EVE, it’s an extraordinarily demanding system that doesn’t really have anything comparable in other games.

And let’s not forget that the old system brought with it socket closures, lag in high-traffic systems, and a lot more server load that impacts game performance. I’m not sure I’d want to go back to that.

TL;DR: the current chat system is the worst, except for all the alternatives.

(Thematic Chaos Eto) #282

Bahaha You go too far sir! lol

(Francis Penha) #283

I did, but he survived! Slipery Hecate

(Thematic Chaos Eto) #284

The new chat system was a fail from the start, they brought it in because of all the extra features like bneing able to colourise the hierarchy, they then didnt release that part to the gen pop because it was a cool toy for CCP devs, and it caused too much crap to go wrong… So it ended up being a big waste of time and money, I actually have had more lag/disconnections etc. with the currently broken chat than I ever did with the old Eve one

(Aderek Dust514) #285

Local Chat looks like in Wh. So See nothing…

(boernl) #286

you mean the potatoes that wanna remove all sence of a local sicne that is what they need to be able to fly around invisible sicne they lack the skills needet to catch ppl if they do get seen

(Janeway) #287

You can suddenly get a group of players turn up but then they dont go away.

(Thematic Chaos Eto) #288

Lol well you ran out of a cogent argument fairly fast there and slipped down to insults in one move… Way to go!

I wont bother trying to engage you in discussion over it again as I can see you arent capable.

(boernl) #289


(Thematic Chaos Eto) #290

The problem being it isnt just local now, it is ALL the chat - that poses problems for many aspects of the main gameplay areas

(Commander Kane) #291

However it was working fine, no issues, before the whole chat “Upgrade”.

(Aderek Dust514) #292

So, when we wiil can Mount local Player online scaner? :slight_smile:

(Ember Fireheart) #293

No I mean when you roam around solo for 70 jump’s and all you find are people hiding in station unwilling to undock to fight a solo player.

Even if you get ridiculously lucky and straight from decloak warp to a random anom they still manage to warp off before you even lock them,

Local is a retardly powerful tool for info, and it’s making the amount of hour’s needed to invest into pvp unrealistic, I’m not sure if your a fan of 3 hour cold roam’s but i’m not.

(Sicamrah Jasmone) #294

My only issue was the inability to quickly trade ships between toons cause non of the stuff was showing up in station, but thats what corp hangars are for. Guess wormhole life isn’t so bad after all :stuck_out_tongue: I made a nice dive in null killed some stuff because no one was spamming d-scan or paying attention to new sigs. No one was watching in or out gates, even though you can warp to those from your overview… Wow, all you kspace dweller are really lazy !

Keep it like this, no more local, just voluntary chats you can join and corp / alliance chat. Its great.!!!

Who needs local anyway?

(boernl) #295

it is a powerfull tool yes
but not every tool has to be nerfed because you have trouble coopign with it thats just selfish

(Axhind) #296

It was fail because they did it in the cloud. As usual CCP leadership fell for all the buzzwords instead of thinking. It is far easier to keep a system synchronised and working if it sits in the same data centre as TQ. Spin up a few more servers and throw the chat on them. But no, they heard that the cloud is the bestest so had to use it. Sadly they are not the only ones falling for that lie.

(R4d1o4ct1v3) #297

There were many problems in the chat system before the changeover. Lets not kid ourselves here.

But the main reason for the change was to separate chat performance hits from the rest of the game. So that huge local lists and heavy message traffic wouldn’t affect actual game performance. And to add some neat possibilities for future expansion.

It just seems they chose a technology that doesn’t really support the needs of the game. From what I’ve read the reason for many of these issues is that this chat protocol (XMPP) doesn’t support the rather heavy amounts of channel join/leave events EVE requires. - And to be fair, that’s not a problem a limited test could have determined. It’s the sort of issue that doesn’t pop up until you put the thing into real-life conditions.

(boernl) #298

agree there were problems but in general at least it worked

(boernl) #299

i do expect that ccp will give the players something as a form of apology for this insult

if the chats dotn work for a bit and than they work again its a headacke but if the chats are down for over 6 hours it is a direct insult to the playerbase

(Nakaara Adahsa) #300

Either you weren’t paying attention or you had different symptoms. Folks are really pissed off right now because ALL chat is/was down, not just local. Local being down everywhere is bad enough, but it’s also no corp or fleet chat, etc.

No amount of logging off/on, changing systems or alts, or anything has fixed it for me. Completely fubared game when it’s like this.