Devblog: Update On Chat System Issues


(Rhonx) #301

If I die, I get the ship replaced by CCP?

(boernl) #302

that is 1
second is that only 1 dev bothered to give feedback where they responsible devs did not even provide him with information to share

communication with the playerbase has died long before the chats did

(boernl) #303

no you will not you know local is down and you choose to undock

(Thematic Chaos Eto) #304

Only one decent buzzword… Goons lol :smiley: but - yeah, if you have to have data flow from and to a third party for a large interactive part of the game, you are always going to have two problems - 1 being communication issues meaning things will never be as spot on as they should be, 2 being if something goes wrong and all you have to work with is an admin panel rather than original code, your fixes can only ever be band aids, and will take longer to apply because you first have to get hold of the correct people with the right access

(Rhonx) #305

yeah becouse im a goon i get SRP by GOONS and CCP becouse they are our PETS lol

(Thematic Chaos Eto) #306

I don’t expect them to give anything, because as we saw earlier - from one of the dev’s at least, it was three am - he was not keen on being involved at all… strangely - his job title doesnt say dev of all but chat!

(Thematic Chaos Eto) #307

That was not feedback, that was a bitch that we disturbed him at an inconvenient time :smiley:

(boernl) #308

i probably kid of woke him up with tagging him that must have given him a ping hes not used to :stuck_out_tongue:

welcome to eve i can say and welcome to the life of a worker
if only they knew what it meant to work

(Thematic Chaos Eto) #309

Bahaha - I laughed when I saw his indignant reply, he never had his customer service training, and also never learned to put his phone on silent

(Baldoran Huntara) #310

If you don’t like local, then stay in WH

(Sugar Smacks) #311

Why do I get this urge to spam Jita local whenever this starts working?

(boernl) #312

they did not manage to revive the chat system in the last 8 hours and i realy dotn care that it is sunday
we also pay for 7 days a week not for 5

so get it back up or go find another job

(Malik Audanie) #313

chat is working for me now

(boernl) #314

i will login and see if they did something to make it work after dt
i still waisted 8 hours because of ccp not doing the job we pay them for !!

(boernl) #315

oh my freakign god local is actualy up again

i hope the reversed to the old chat system if not i will probably be posting here again tomorrow andthan i am no longer friendly

(Elassus Herron) #316

chat’s up!

The Venn Diagram between people yelling “HTFU” when players complain about getting ganked, and people who are salty on the forum when their spaceships game doesn’t work right for a few hours because they’re Paying Customers and demand that CCP be fired right this minute for being lame is a circle.

Quit acting up on the forum and get back to the shooty.

(boernl) #317

you mean 10 months of problems and ignored complaining ?

(Sylvia Kildare) #318

It probably would have been had it not happened at 3 AM on a Saturday night.

(Elassus Herron) #319

as they say: HTFU

(boernl) #320

so you tell me to shut it cause you dont like ppl saying the truth on the forum why dotn you htfu ?